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Forum: The Flight Line

  1. Board Transition

    Sometime between now and the next week, the messageboard will be transitioning to a new host. During this time there may be periods where the board is slow as we backup or migrate the database. There also may be a loss of functionality dependent on a few other changes we are going to experiment with. The plan is to migrate the entire board (and the last 9 years worth of archived posts) to the new server. Once that is complete, we will be porting only the usernames and passwords over to a new version of the board. The old board will be maintained in an read only archived state that can be referenced (i.e. linked) but not sub-quoted, unless you copy and paste all the formatting.

    Couple of things we are going to do when we start with a clean install, but for now you'll just have to wait and see what that means. We're still figuring out some of the various changes so there isn't a definitive list at this point.

    TL;DR ... short version is you may have access issues for a while during the DNS changes and once it's back it should look the same until we lock it up, and start our 21st year on our 5th iteration of the site.
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  2. Registration/Login Problems or Issues ?

    If you are having difficulty with either user registration, forgot your username, or cannot get your password to reset using the scripts enabled on the site, please contact me via email at

    Due to the high frequency of spam accounts being registered, this site manually approves all registrations. We routinely receive between 200 and 300 'fake' gmail registrations a day .... most of these spam accounts are obvious to discern from real users, however if you have a gmail account that slows this process down tremendously ... if you have a email account from a ISP provider that is preferred for registration purposes.

    One additional problem that can prevent you from posting, is if you mistakenly answer in the registration script that you are 13 years old or younger. In this case, a COPPA registration has been requested, which means your account is inactivated while we await written confirmation that you have parental permission to post. We have to manually correct this information on your registration. Again, contact us via email.

    If you have not had your account approved within 72 hours of signing up, please contact us at the same email address listed above. If you have a gmail or yahoo account there is a high probability that correspondence from this site will be in your 'junk' email folder, if we even were able to decipher that your request is a valid one and not spam. This is not an easy process, so if has been a few days please contact us.