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8th December 2008, 09:15 AM
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1. Taylor runs past O.J., Dillon

[Coming into Sunday's game, Mike Peterson didn't think he'd have a realistic shot at going head to head with his younger brother Adrian, a running back for the Bears. But in the second quarter, Adrian took a handoff around the left end and Mike made the tackle after an 8-yard gain. Mike Peterson, who didn't start, wasn't available for comment after the game. He was credited with one tackle in the official game statistics. Adrian Peterson finished the game with three carries for 19 yards.]



[Mike, same question to you about Adrian. MP: Probably everything he's been through, and the path he took to get where he is now. Everybody takes a different path to the NFL. The common story you often hear is the guy who was an all-American in high school, was a big name in high school. A lot of guys ride that wave to the NFL, even if they're not that good. Me and my brother, we took a different path -we came from Alachua. How many people know about Alachua, Florida? Coming out of high school, how many people knew about Adrian Peterson? He took the path of always having to work harder. Coming out of high school [during recruiting], he was waiting on his test scores and a lot of the big schools backed off. He ends up qualifying and now the big schools are looking, but he's already signed with Georgia Southern. His stuttering problem - he dealt with that like that's nothing. That's what I admire. I just know me. I would've snapped or gotten locked up in jail if somebody teased me about anything. But he handled that situation and every other one like it was nothing.]


9th December 2008, 12:21 PM
How about AP saying he has another child on the way. Congrats to him!