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24th November 2013, 07:18 AM
Each day we strive to find article links involving Georgia Southern athletics and former Georgia Southern athletes. Should you find we missed an article link, please reply to help keep the Eagle Faithful informed:

1. Eagles Upset Florida 26-20

["I am so proud of our football team," said Georgia Southern Head Football Coach Jeff Monken. " This senior class, they talked about what it means to them to win this football game, and that is what college football is all about, days like today. It is a great, great win. The kids were just thrilled. That's a big win for us and for our kids.”]


2. Volleyball Downs App 3-1 to Move On to Championship Match

["Jamie stepped up and really put the team on her back," said Georgia Southern coach Dustin Wood. "She really grew up tonight and showed a lot of maturity."]


3. Men's Basketball Falls 86-69 to Old Dominion

["Old Dominion did a great job today shooting the ball," said Head Coach Mark Byington. "We've watched a lot of tape on them and that is the best they have shot all year. I think our inexperience in our new roles hurt us a little bit today. Our offense wasn't very good in the first half today, but I feel like we played better in the second half."]


4. Dowd Nike Cup and Wingate Fall Frenzy Meet Results

[Georgia Southern swimming and diving is in North Carolina this weekend representing the Eagles. The divers competed in the Dowd Nike Cup on Thursday and Friday, and the swimmers are heading into day two of the Wingate Fall Frenzy.]


5. An exuberant exit

[“It’s a big win,” Monken said on Saturday after the game. “There have been a lot of big wins at Georgia Southern. There’s a flagpole outside of Paulson Stadium with six flags on it, and those are some pretty big wins. I don’t know if any wins top a national championship. But this is certainly a big win.”]


6. Leave them wanting more

[“Every play is huge,” Banks said. “Football is a game of inches, and the coaches stress that. We just take it one play at a time. You got an assignment? Do your assignment as well as you can. Good things will happen.”]


7. Eagles stun Florida 26-20 with win that salvages season

[“(Beating Florida) felt like (a redemption of) the national championships we missed out on three years in a row,” Oehlbeck said.]


8. GSU NOTEBOOK: McKinnon ends career on high note

[He limped off the field a few different times Saturday, but always returned. “Anytime there are injuries or you re-injure (your ankle), there’s a lot of pain, but I just tried my best to block that out and play for my brothers and give them all I’ve got one last time.”]


9. Georgia Southern stuns Florida

[“We didn’t play an absolutely perfect football game,” Monken said. “We made some errors. We put ourselves in some bad situations. We had some blunders, but we were still able to win a football game.]


10. Florida suffers first loss to FCS team in school history

["Very disappointed for our program, an embarrassment (to be) in this situation," Gators coach Will Muschamp said. "It's all disappointing. It's hard to measure it at this point."]


11. Gators stunned, embarrassed following 26-20 loss to Georgia Southern

[Halapio added: "They came out here and played their tails off. This was their bowl game, and they had nothing to lose. We took them lightly and we got outworked, outplayed, out-physicaled. You call it, you name it, that's what happened."]


12. Georgia Southern upsets Florida Gators 26-20

["Right now, we're really just hurt and in shock," Gators linebacker Darrin Kitchens said. "Losing that type of game is embarrassing. But when everybody played as hard as they did and everybody did their all, that's all you can ask for."]


13. Three things we learned from Gators 26-20 loss to Georgia Southern

[The Eagles (7-4) played harder, had a more sound game plan and somehow seemed to have a lot more to play for than a Gators team that had not won in 49 days and was at home. It is mystifying how Georgia Southern - a non-BCS school, an FCS member until last season and a future Sun Belt Conference member - could come into the Swamp and beat a team not long ago considered one of the nation's premier programs.]


14. Rock bottom: Gators fall to Georgia Southern

[THE UGLY: Losing to Georgia Southern. Georgia Southern has lost 19 players to injury this season and that’s on a roster limited to just 65 scholarships. Injuries weren’t an excuse for the Eagles who played a more physical game and beat the Gators on the ground all day long. There is no excuse for the University of Florida to lose a football game to Georgia Southern. None.]


15. A win to remember for Georgia Southern

[“This will stick with me throughout my entire life,” Oehlbeck said. “It’s just a culmination of so much hard work.”]


16. Florida-Georgia Southern report card

[We all know Georgia Southern has a devastating offense -- against FCS opponents. Since Florida was the first BCS team the Eagles had beaten in 15 attempts, the other 14 teams never seemed to have that much trouble with it. When a team doesn't complete a pass, and gains 429 yards rushing, it's more than not following assignments -- it's a statement on how tough a defense wants to be. In Florida's case, not very.]


17. No practice? No problem for Georgia Southern seniors

[Monken said that because of the nature of the offense and the fact that both players have been in the program for four years, they didn’t really require a heavy practice load. “It’s our offense,” Monken said. “They can do it in their sleep.”]


18. Triple option doomed UF

[“That’s why the service academies run it, that’s why they run it, that’s why a lot of these schools run it, because it takes talent out of the equation. A lot of talented guys don’t like having somebody at their knees every snap, either. That’s part of why they run it. Talent’s negated in that situation. It doesn’t really matter because you don’t have to block a lot of the guys.”]


19. Dooley: No excuse for loss

[Not when there is so much history. Losing season, no bowl game, first loss to an FCS team. And not just any FCS team. A mediocre FCS team with one of the few injury lists that can match Florida's. And that mediocre FCS team, with losses this season to Wofford, Furman and Samford, not only beat Florida with a bunch of recruits that no respectable SEC team would consider, but with a team that looked faster and tougher than the mighty Gators. In other words, Georgia Southern looked like the better team.]


20. Andreu's answers: Empty seats

[Like most defenses with a limited time to prepare for the triple-option, the Gators had major issues that turned into game-losing issues. Not only did the Gators get gutted some on the dive play, they lost the edge numerous times, giving up big play after big play on the outside. From the second quarter on, the defense was clueless in its attempt to get the Eagles’ offense off the field. On the rare occasion the offense gained some momentum, the defense threw it right away like it so often has in this losing season.]


21. Dooley grades: Epic fail

[The saddest thing of all may be that the better team won this game. It’s not like Florida made a bunch of mistakes to lose it.]


22. Georgia Southern isn't passing aggressive in win over Florida

[The NFL Network aired a terrific documentary this week commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the forward pass. Georgia Southern obviously didn't watch it.]


23. ODU burns Georgia Southern behind Hampton High graduate Baker

[“They were having to make difficult plays, and give them credit, they made them,” Jones said of Bussey and Hewitt. “So we weren't letting them get theirs, we wanted to make them work, but we also didn't want to turn their other guys into scorers.”]


24. Cowboys-Giants: Five things to watch

[J.J. Wilcox is returning to the lineup, giving the Cowboys not only a starter back in the lineup but a chance at some athleticism at safety. It was on display in the last game Wilcox played, at Philadelphia in Week 7, when he made a ranging play to break up a long pass in the end zone.]



[“I finished off nine holes this morning and just played steady all day,’ said Price who had just one bogey for the tournament.]