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  • "Promote the Vote !"

    Between September 25th and 27th, Georgia Southern University students will have the opportunity to vote on three proposed student fees that could become effective in Fall 2013, if passed.

    Throughout the past fifteen years, the FCS/I-AA vs. FBS debate has raged on the pages of and while we have strived in the past to maintain a non-partisan approach to this issue, we support the efforts to vote YES on all three proposed initiatives as we deem all three important in fostering continued growth at the University.

    If you are a current student at Georgia Southern, please take the time to visit this page for more information on how to register your vote, and view this video for additional explanations on the individual proposals.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Paul Barkley
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    1. StudentEagleClub's Avatar
      StudentEagleClub -
      Thank you Mr. Barkley and community. Passing all three votes are vital for a continued 'strive for excellence' at Georgia Southern in all areas of the university. We also will be voting YES to an expansion of Allen E. Paulson Stadium, YES to an athletics operation fee that will not be assessed until we accept and FBS invitation, and YES to a sustainability fee.

      This semester is a "generational opportunity" for the students of OUR Georgia Southern University. The decision we make this semester will impact campus for decades to come.