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  • Shaw Sports Turf Selected to Provide the New Field for Paulson Stadium

    Installation of the new playing surface is set to begin Feb. 8

    STATESBORO, Ga. – Shaw Sports Turf out of Calhoun, Georgia, willprovide the new turf playing field for Glenn Bryant Field at Paulson Stadium,Georgia Southern Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein announced Tuesday.Installation of the new field will begin Feb. 8 and is set to be completed inmid-April. The University has selected to install Shaw’s Legion 41 system, atwo-inch, dual fiber system that combines slit film, the most durable syntheticfiber turf, and a monofilament film, which gives the field excellentperformance and aesthetic qualities.

    “Shaw is a company that really does a great job when it comes to syntheticturf fields,” Kleinlein said. “We did a pretty extensive investigation of anumber of companies and really felt comfortable with the leadership at Shaw.Synthetic turf gives us an option and a flexibility to not only have a greatstadium environment, but a practice field that can be utilized when needed. Italso gives us the flexibility to bring outside events into Paulson Stadium andmakes our stadium more accessible to the community without wear and tear on ourfield.”

    The base of the field will be comprised of highly compacted stone, alongwith a Brock Powerbase pad for safety and drainage. Over 320,000 pounds of sandand 230,000 pounds of crumb rubber - a material made from recycled tires - willbe used as the turf’s infill.

    To keep the field cool in the South Georgia heat, Shaw Sports Turf willinstall HydroChill, the only warranted cooling technology on the market today.HydroChill is an evaporative cooling system applied to the infill to help coolthe field in the same way the body cools itself through sweating. This patentedtechnology is guaranteed to cool fields at least 30 degrees lower than astandard synthetic turf field.

    Shaw Sports Turf has installed over 2,000 fields, including the game andindoor practice fields for the Baltimore Ravens, the University of Arkansas,Vanderbilt University and Furman University.

    Chuck McClurg, Vice President of Turf Markets at Shaw, played on twonational championship football teams with Georgia Southern and is “proud thatShaw Sports Turf is able to play a role in the continued success of the programby providing the Eagles with the best playing surface in the world.”

    The Eagles will christen the field on Sept. 3 with their 2016 season openeragainst Savannah State.