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  • Consistency is Key for Eagles

    STATESBORO, Ga. – It’s not too often that second chances come along, but the Georgia Southern Football team had the opportunity this afternoon to show the coaching staff that the Eagles can make improvements.
    Following the first practice, Monken emphasized the connection between the mental and physical aspects of the game, stressing that the Eagles must put actions behind their words. Monken also reminded the 2010 team of the Georgia Southern teams that laid the foundation and created the history and tradition for the program. Those teams, Monken said, were characterized by their toughness.
    “I thought we took a step back in terms of intensity and effort (this morning),” Monken said. “It’s got to get a lot better. We have to keep pushing them, I don’t think you can back off them and expect them to get tough on their own. That’s the coaches’ job. You have to push your guys and make sure they play tough and play with effort. We’re going to keep demanding that.”

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      Eagle22 -
      Interesting move to see Veal go back to the O-line. Signed as a TE, he certainly has good hands. Might see a few trick-a-roo plays this year with him.