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  1. Re: And some say we really don't have a chance against Gophers

    The thing that bothers me a bit about this game is that their coach knows us, he had his teeth kicked in in Statesboro with CM and then beat us up there, he will have them ready to play us.
  2. Re: Worst individual football plays in team history

    There are some really bad ones to choose from, but here are some of our low-lights. Going for the TD against West Georgia instead of kicking the field goal and getting out with a win at home the...
  3. Poll: Re: Football loss you'd most like to have back?

    The Georgia game is the obvious choice as is the first GT game, but neither of those would be first on the list for me.
    Mine would be Auburn in 1991, coming off back-to-back National Championships...
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    Re: Neutral Site Games

    The only two neutral sites that make sense to us are Atlanta and Jacksonville for us to have many fans at the game. I have no idea how much it would cost to rent the Gator Bowl, and we know the going...
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    Re: Your Favorite GS Football Play.....

    Agreed, it was a great block.
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    Re: Your Favorite GS Football Play.....

    I was there for many of the ones mentioned, but the thing I remember the most was the first Auburn game, Michael Berry sacking Stan White on the first play of the game by Auburn's offense and as he...
  7. Re: Top GS Football games of all time - Nominations

    Playoff win at Troy, first round, we were the 14th seed, they were third, was 95 I think, I was there, but can't remember the year for sure.
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    Poll: Re: 2019 Record PredictionThread

    I am not a huge fan of the schedule predictions because of all the factors that happen from week to week with 18 to 23 year-old kids and the coaches and injuries etc. I think we could have a good...
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    Re: Former Eagles playing tomorrow night!

    Maybe the Falcons can find a few offensive linemen from this since we know they will probably draft a RB in the first round again.
  10. Will Taylor Heinicke and the Panthers beat the Falcons today?

    I know both teams are a hot mess right now but he is getting his first NFL start, sounds like the kind of guy that always give the Falcons fits. He was a heck of a college player against us at ODU,...
  11. Re: 2018 Camellia Bowl Thread: Georgia Southern versus Eastern Michigan

    Thanks you Werts and Bass, we played like garbage and still managed to get the win. Those two saved our butts big time.
  12. Re: 2018 Camellia Bowl Thread: Georgia Southern versus Eastern Michigan

    Not sure what happens, but we deserve to lose this one. Not tackling at all and if they only have one player you might want to cover him occasionally.
  13. Re: Former Eagle Named Rabun County Head Coach

    As someone else said, he was what we needed when we needed it. Not the most athletic or fastest guy to ever play QB for us, but he made the reads and helped us get back to the playoffs. He was like...
  14. Re: Tyson Summers is New Defensive Coordinatr at Colorado

    Too bad Colorado no longer plays in the Big 12, they would fit right in no one in that conference plays defense anyway. I have no real dislike for TS it was more the AD's fault than anything else,...
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    Re: VanGoober to Bowling Green

    I really hate to see this, other than having no idea who we were before the bowl game in Mobile I really liked most of the BG fans I met. They seemed to really love their program and with them hiring...
  16. Re: Time for Camellia Bowl Score Predictions

    I think we win this one going away, no way they are ready for our speed on both sides of the ball. Close at the half, we pull away in the second half, Southern wins 42-23.
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    Re: Camellia Bowl

    I really hope this is not the game we are going to, but I know better than to discount Josh, he is pretty solid on what he knows. My reasons are personal I can't go on the 15th because I have prior...
  18. Poll: Re: 9-3 with wins over App State and State...

    Actually TS was just hired in the first place, that was the mistake.

    I hope Chad gets looked at for the award, but unless we hang half a hundred on someone in the bowl game I doubt there will be...
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    Re: Bowl Game

    I saw one prediction that had Troy going to another bowl in Alabama to fill a slot by another conference. All that having been said I can't go to any of the Dec 15th games because I can't really plan...
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    Re: Game coverage in AJC?

    I am not here to defend the AJC, I have had stories and pictures published there in the past, but their idea of how to have a local/major newspaper has really hurt them I think. They started this...
  21. Re: Georgia State (penitentiary) Game discussion and Predictions

    It is a rivalry game because it is an instate school. Some of you will remember the basketball championship game for the TAAC against them at Hanner on ESPN place was packed and loud, we were rivals...
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    Re: Eagles in the NFL Thread

    The 49ers are just horrid, but it is good to see that Matt can still get it done. It is nice to see someone with a Georgia Southern background do well in the league. I wish he was in Atlanta, because...
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    Re: Eagles Vs Mountaineers Game Thread 2018

    Four picks in the game, GREAT JOB D
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    Re: Eagles Vs Mountaineers Game Thread 2018

    Ok guys we need points this drive, but we also need to just grind it out now.
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    Re: Congrats Eagles!!!

    Not over yet GreatAppSt, still have some work to do. You have a good team too I think the short week, travel and hurt QB have helped us a bunch but our guys are playing hard. Go home and get healthy...
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