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    2 tickets in 111 beer garden(sold)

    I have 2 tickets in 111 beer garden $50 each obo.
  2. Re: 4 in Beer garden with parking pass for Troy game

    Sure, $100 for 2?
  3. 4 in Beer garden with parking pass for Troy game(sold)

    Unfortunately cant make game this week. I have 4 in 111 beer garden with parking pass $225 for all.
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    Or Hugh Nall.
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    Re: Sanford game video

    Is there a secret to making it go to full screen? F11 on my computer is mute/unmute.
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    Re: How to stream online tomorrow?

    I see a link under the Eagle fans drop down then go to gameday central. Its called Eagle Sports TV. Not on the air currently but looks promising.
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    Re: Ustream app for Android Phone

    I know the link is in the sticky, the app just makes it easier to watch the video on the phone.
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    Re: Radio app, again?

    There is a ustream app for android phones, seems to be working well
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    Ustream app for Android Phone

    There is a free ustream app for andriod phones. working perfectly on my phone. I had to search it in the market, the link from the elon site didn't work well.
  10. Re: Campaign to break the old attendance record

    I know the record was at the Chamoinoship game in 89, but we also had over 24000 for Chattanooga that year also I believe. Were there temp seating for that game also or just for the champ. game?
  11. Re: Is the GSU vs USC going to be on TV (any tv)???

    TrueEagle 98, I promise you George's Sports bar in West Ashley will have it . They have had just about every USC game. They have the ability to put the streaming video on the big screen and it...
  12. Re: GSU Ticket Office Customer Service inhales vigorously!!

    I think our system for distributing tickets is pretty antiquated, when I got tickets for the Coastal game their website was great. It had a chart of every seat in the stadium listed individually,...
  13. Re: Citadel hires new OC to install the option

    Hopefully they will just be a much slower version of us. Teams will get a false sense of hope playing them. Then we will be so much faster.
  14. Citadel hires new OC to install the option

    According to today's Charleston Post and Courier Kenny Laurendine has been hired to install the option at the Citadel. They have also hired former GSU coach Bob Bodine as assistan OC, he was...
  15. Citadel vs UNC is on ESPN 360, maybe ours will be too?

    Just found out that Comcast internet now gets ESPN 360. It would be nice if it got picked up.
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