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    Re: Minnesota Tailgating

    This is what I like to hear. I'm glad you visited, and I'm glad you enjoyed the experience.

    Probably the first time anyone has ever compared these two stadiums. We're proud of our little...
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    Re: Minnesota Tailgating

    Man, I know I"m not the only Minnesota fan who would like to hear more about your experience. We try to be good hosts and it's nice to know what you enjoyed and what you didn't.
  3. Re: [GAME THREAD] Football at Minnesota (September 14 - 3:30:00 PM)

    What an amazing game. I hated it! I really thought my Gophers would slaughter GSU, but I was wrong. That was a hard-fought game, and the win was at your fingertips. Congratulations to a GSU team...
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    Re: Minnesota Tailgating

    As far as I know (I've never been a visiting fan), visiting fans usually either use the McNamara Alumni Center or the State Fair lot. McNamara is right by the stadium while the State Fairgrounds is...
  5. Re: Minnesota Gophers, who's going?

    This Gopher wishes you all safe travel and a pleasant visit. It sounds like the weather will be nice for an early-season game.
  6. Re: Minnesota Score Prediction Thread

    -vs- SDSU:
    3rd downs: 6/13
    4th downs: 1/1

    -vs- Fresno State:
    3rd downs: 9/15
    4th downs: 1/1

    What is an average performance on 3rd downs?
  7. Re: Minnesota Score Prediction Thread

    Minnesota Golden Gophers: 14
    Georgia Southern Raptorial Gliding Feathered Critters of Indeterminate Hue: 13
  8. Re: GSU fans rejoice in Gophers mediocre performance, declare victory over a week bef

    So...beating the #4 team in FCS makes Minnesota a sloppy, middle of the pack FCS team?

    Is this one of those many-beers-no-spellcheck nights you were talking about?
  9. Re: any one going to check up on the Gophers vs SDSU game tonight?

    Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but we have four really good wideouts. #13 (Bateman) isn't our best. Last year's stats - Tyler Johnson 78 catches, 1169 yards, 12 TDs, Bateman 51 catches, 704 yards, 6...
  10. Re: NDSU. fan or fans, in Minnisota, going to the Gopher gane to pull for GSU

    Minnesotan here. If you're coming up for the game on Thursday (I hear the weather will be pleasant), I hope you take the time to visit the State Fair. We're very proud of our Fair, and I think it's...
  11. Re: And some say we really don't have a chance against Gophers

    Sure you do. You just don't know that you know it.
  12. Re: And some say we really don't have a chance against Gophers

    Hey, folks. Your team has a chance against the Gophers. It's a remote chance, but anything can happen.
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