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Thread: SoCon over the past 5 years. Thoughts on this...

  1. Default SoCon over the past 5 years. Thoughts on this...

    A simple, objective look at the win totals of the SoCon schools over the last five years.

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    It seems to me that this: "While perceptions and stereotypes sometimes muddle the picture, records offer a clear look". is clearly pointed at Georgia Southern. Why are we a large top five most desirable university, for whatever reason, and our athletics performs at such level - at this level. There has to be something significantly wrong with something. We have a product that has an enormous flaw in it somewhere. Pride or the successfull accomplishments of a university can be found or are most obvious in athletics accross the board. While we enjoy "so many" statistical advantages over our Southern Conference peers we sadly fail to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Taking into consideration these advantages it can be argued that we perform at the bottom of the list. Think of a golf tournament using handicaps to level the field. Somebody needs to be held accountable to a higher standard of success at this university. There is certainly reason for some other schools/states to be very proud of their leadership and accomplishments when simply comparing themselves to the Goliath GSU. Good for them I guess. Thankfully my favorite pass time is football.

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    ASU has enjoyed the best 5 years in their history, GSU has experienced their worst 5 year stretch (with a rebound at the end of last year), and Furman has had a significant downturn during the past 5 years (not sure if it's their worst ever, but certainly their worst stretch in the last 25 or so). That's what the number of wins shows and that's exactly what anyone that has been paying attention would have expected. No surprises to me.

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    Is it very common for an entire program to have a 5 year slump? It's likely due to the compatition getting better and us getting complacent. If you feel it's due to the many extaordinary challenges we've been dealt in recent years that's understandable. I guess we just attribute our position at this time to the natural competative nature of college sports and wait for the next cycle of winning periods to begin again. Everybody has them and we should expect this sort of thing every few years.

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