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Thread: Password reset required for imported users

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    Default Password reset required for imported users

    If you are a previously registered user from our site, re-registration is not necessary.

    Your username has been imported to our new site. It will be necessary to reset your password however. To reset your password, click on the following link:


    The software will send you a new password to the email account you registered with whenever you signed up. Free email providers such as Yahoo! and GMAIL frequently store such messages as spam, so if you do not receive this please check your spam filter before contacting us. In the event you cannot reset your password, please email us at
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    Hey Paul,

    Your outgoing emails are pointing to this URL, which is not accurate:

    It should be pointing to tsc, not gsuforum. Luckily I knew that so I could still use it.
    Stacey Roach
    Class of 2001


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