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    Can anyone tell me if that's an original chant of Georgia Southern, or if it was copied? It's interesting because I saw this banner ad on the ConfUSA site.


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    I think that's just a college football thing in general. Most probably don't do the chant like we do, but most teams have a "we have to protect our house" kind of thing going on...
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    I suppose you guys expect us to draw 1000 a game and go 2 and 9 and slip quietly into the night

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    At the risk of this thread turning political...

    This is one place I noticed the chant was being used. I don't think it's something we came up with.
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    At the risk of this thread turning political...

    This is one place I noticed the chant was being used. I don't think it's something we came up with.
    You must be a liberal. JUST KIDDING!

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    Does this mean we're moving to CUSA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSUfanforever View Post
    Does this mean we're moving to CUSA?
    Some imaginary person might make an imaginary statement about an imaginary move that GSU could make at some time in the future if the imaginary dollars show up to support what some call an imaginary plan.

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    According to our Tradition page on the University website it had its origins here.

    "Whose House? Our House!

    Whose House? Our House! There may be some imitators, but there’s nothing like the original. One of the classic chants in all of college sports had its start in Statesboro. During home football games at the “prettiest little stadium in America” and on the hardwood of Hanner, the familiar cheer, led by the student section, reminds opponents of Eagle home dominance. Volleying back and forth between the students and alumni, the chant increases in noise level until it ends in a near-deafening tone. "

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    Very interesting. I actually asked this same question ("Were we the first?") on here a few years ago, but nobody answered.

    It's possible. I've been attending GS... C and U... games since the early 80s, and I heard it here first, then I was amazed when other schools picked it up. Could big schools be copying little Georgia Southern?

    Since then I've noticed there really is a tendency for football stadium operators (and bands) to copy each other (like playing the first few bars of Carmina Burana, or the gong from Hells Bells on third down). Originality is not the strong suit of stadium operators. But when you have abject copying, it raises possibilities for subtle play on variations. Like...couldn't we just add a bar of Carmina Burana each time it is played, gradually lengthening it as it is repeated 3 or 4 times during a game? The part that comes "next" and is never played in football stadiums is actually very cool and would fit right in.

    Anyway, I was skeptical that we could possibly have been the first with "Our House," because there is such a tendency to copy, surely we copied "Our House" from somebody else. But maybe not. Erk was an original thinker, and the fact that most football stadium operators (and band directors) are not very original works the other way: We could have been copied by others. If we were first, I think we should establish that with a little background research (perhaps the same research that went into writing that Traditions page) then put it back on the front of the press box as part of the Georgia Southern identity. "Whose House? Our House!" The First House!

    Now... "prettiest little stadium in America" was definitely an Erk-first-ism. And it's truer now than it was then. Did you see the background in Josh's video of the scrimmage? Lush and gorgeous.

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