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I will like to inform you that i was supose to get a donation from the bison as soon as become a member, the problem was that Rev bob who was supose to send the donation was hit by a car and now rev jack can not send the money, he is very hard for him to send via western union, i will like you to hel me send this money as soon as possible because i have not even pay for the tattoo as promise by the church.

Do get back to me with your option on how you can help me out.

Much thanks

In regards to my last mail sent to you,

i will like you to help me as soon as possible, i have wait for this days to have my donation but Rev Hoobit is not helping me at all, i have got my tattoo draw as a member but up till now i have not hard my doantion and rev bob promise that as soon as i have that don then my donation will be sent acluding the tattoo fee, he ask me last week to meet Rev jack in owo and i went there can not find him, then again he ask me to meet him in Ibadan then i left again i went jack called me and told me he has travel to lagos i dont have any more money to travel to lagos, i want you to help me with the tattoo fee first and then my donation fee because the tattoo guy is getting on my neck every day, i have not paid for this tattoo because bob ask me to do that and the fee will be sent as soon as possible, i want to beg you in the name of god and for the brother love of bison to help me get this out and god will bless you forever, do get back to me as soon as you recieve this mail, i have my wife at the hospital till now because i used the hospital fee to travel to owo and ibadan now i cant even care for my wife and my kids, am very week and tired about all this, please help me out as you have promise.
God bless

Dear Mr Hassan,

I have reviewed your email as well as the notes made my Rev Yerkokof. The paperwork is somewhat incomplete, but it is not that important. The important thing is to get you your money. It seems there have been quite a few delays and complications. I understand this has put you under hardship. I apologize for this. Rev Hoobit Yerkokof is a bit testy since his accident and is not the most helpful. He is all balls and no cock one might say!

I will have my secretary, Fawn Dillmiballs, email you this morning a brief form that needs to be filled out. Make sure to print the email and handwrite the answers and then scan the email back to me. It is important that it is handwritten. There will be a place for a signature. That is all we will need. There will be a place on the bottom to say how you want the money sent to you. I will personally take care of this as soon as I get the form back. I should be able to take care of it this afternoon as long as you send the form back in time.

I will have Fawn Dillmiballs send the form as soon as she has a chance.

God bless,

Bishop Dill Doe

Membership Questionnaire
1.Name ______________________________
2.Occupation __________________________
3.Religion ____________________________
4.Do you go to Church? ___________________
5.If so, how often? ______________________
6.Are you married? ______________________
7.Have you ever sinned? __________________
8.Have you had sex with a man? ____________
9.Do you find men sexually attractive? ________
10.What do you plan to do with your donation? __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
11.What is your age? ____________________
12.Do you masterbate? ___________________
13.If so, how often? _____________________
14.Do you drink alcohol? _______________
15.If so, how often? ___________________
16.Have you ever seen a ghost? _____________
17.If so, describe the encounter_________________________________________ __________________________________________________
18.How do you wish to be paid? Include all necessary details below.____________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
19.Do you pledge yourself body and soul to the Holy Order of Bison?____
20.Do you accept $110,000.00 as the donation fee?_______
21.Do you promise to not sin again? _______________

Dear Brother Hassan,

I just sent you the form to be filled out. I will be here all day and I will forward it on to the Bishop when you send it back. We have the money ready to send. We will get it to you today if you can send back the form with the handwritten replies. It is absolutely critical that the form be filled out by hand and scanned into the computer!!


Fawn Dillmiballs

Mr Hassan,

We are still waiting for your returned email with the scanned membership agreement. If you send it soon we can still process the payment today.

Bishop Dill Doe