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Thread: Jerick McKinnon

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    Brian Schottenheimer is the OC for the Seahawks. Hopefully Jerrick lands elsewhere.
    Quote Originally Posted by NO_QUARTER View Post
    I actually considered getting into a debate with Half one time (on something unimportant). But then chickened out because I knew my a$$ was about to get handed to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueballs View Post
    A good friend of mine is former president of the NFL Alumni Association and a former VP with UBS and we have had this discussion. The league, players' union, and alumni association offer a lot of resources to players past and present- from Dave Ramsey speaking at the orientation to counseling and financial planning programs- from day one to whatever stage of life the player is in.

    I attended the NFL Alumni Association health symposium at UCF during Pro Bowl weekend last weekend. There were guys there from their mid 20's to mid 70's, most of whom you have never heard of because they played on the LOS. I was impressed with the trade show portion of the event (in addition to the free food and booze) and the educational program. The union does a really good job with it.
    That's good to hear.
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