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Thread: Video: #SouthernNotState

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    Default Video: #SouthernNotState

    This one is Official from Georgia Southern Football - check it out -

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    Say hello to my "Pistol Willie", my my. SOUTHERN(GSU), not State.

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    Can we please just play the game now? So ready

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    Default Re: Video: #SouthernNotState

    I have a headache now from running through a wall.
    No longer eating crow for saying "The TO is gone get over it!!"

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    Default Re: Video: #SouthernNotState

    oh my...

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    Default Re: Video: #SouthernNotState

    I think we are trying to be so cautious/humble that we may be minimizing how good our football team is. I know we still have to take one game at a time and FINISH the drill but, just maybe we are for real.

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