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Thread: How should GSU get students excited about football?

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    Figured it out. Back on topic.
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    Once again, it seems to have created a little "dislike" among many of the folks in the AD's office but I have noticed the same "just enough" concept and voiced it a few times. While I was working there, I even suggested/offered to do the grunt work for a few low-cost above and beyond concepts and each time was met with more than a little "defensiveness" for my trouble.

    Classic wisdom, if you fear for your job enough to dismiss good ideas, you ain't doing a good enough job and though there's been some improvement, there hasn't been enough...not NEARLY enough.

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    I don't know who all from this board was at the Cartel/Yung Joc concert tonight in the boro, but I was so pumped at the amount of times the Georgia....Southern chant got started, and even Yung Joc started chanting it with the crowd at one point

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    Folks we are doing a much better job than we were a year ago or even five years ago

    I think that you will see more student involvement at games in the coming weeks

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    Maybe they were all freshman and don't know the GSU scramble or fight song?
    No longer eating crow for saying "The TO is gone get over it!!"

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    I think the student support is much, MUCH better than it was in years past, even when we had much better football teams. It kind of boggled my mind to watch Adrian Peterson play before less than a full stadium. Anyway....

    The marketing to students probably is lacking but it can only go so far. College life is a busy time. Classes, Girl/Boy chasing, going home for the weekend, partying, BCS games on TV, etc. There are a lot of things that compete with GSU football games for student's attention.

    Right now we have a core group of students that are pretty darn good fans, probably the most ever. They are already excited and it is going to be up to them to spread their excitement. The way to grow this thing is for students who are passionate about the program to invite as many friends to go to the games with them as they can. I don't think there is any substitute. That is how I got started. I can't even remember the guy who talked me and my room mate into going to that first game, but he won over two life long fans who continue to support the program to this day. The school's "marketing campaign" such as it was played no factor whatsoever.

    Finally, none of us are going to brow beat anyone into becoming a GSU fan. I really like the fact that there is beginning to be a little bit of a stigma attached to wearing Ugay crap around campus and to the games. But, once it is taken past the point of good natured ribbing, it can and probably will become counter productive.

    Nice board by the way!

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    The BEST advertising is word of mouth. The students that truly enjoy GSU sports have to be convincing. Talk it up, make it seem like the place to be, get 2 students who haven't been to go and ask each of them to bring 2 students, etc. The loudest peopl are usually the complainers (It's boring and its hot and you might sweat--get over it). As students & fans you have to be louder than the cmplainers without being obnoxious about it.

    It's a great thing we've got here.

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    I still think the best thing GSU can do is modify the GSU orientation class. When I took it we watched a bunch of movies and wrote a couple of papers. Others I knew took tours of campus by way of scavenger hunts, then just had discussions on leadership and goals.

    GSU orientation used to be a half semester class. I say flip it to a full semester and use 'The Southern Century' as the textbook for the class. This is a benefit for the school is 2 ways. First by making this the required textbook for the class, we boost the sells of the book. Second, by making incoming freshmen truly learn the history of our university, you give them a better chance to become part of the school.

    My first couple of years at GSU I just kind of floated along went to a couple football games, nothing major. However, once I started learning the history of our school and our traditions, I became the fan I am now. Teaching freshmen our history will give a better chance for them to fall in love and keep coming back after we graduate, because it will give them more pride in our school.

    That's my two cents...

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    Get this..........

    Myself, Wife and Son are at orientation this summer...our guide knows that my son is going to be playing Football...while on the tour my wife asks "what are Football game days like"...and the guide says with much emotion..."I don't really go to the Games"

    Really...and you were chosen as an Ambassador of our school?

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    The biggest problem with developing a pride and tradition among students is that most have not grown up going to games at Southern and just don't have that passion ingrained like a lot of older more established programs. I didn't follow Southern until my fresman year.


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