Put your nominations for any classic threads you want to see perpetually retained, into this thread.

I'll take suggestions from here and bounce them off the other staff members and see what makes the cut. I've put a few of the older Talon Talk threads (my personal all-time favorite happens to be the Tribe smack-down) but there are others to be found on the site throughout.

We've put Blueblood's article links from Sunday after the win over the Gators, and a few others that we'll be adding as we stumble across them.

Unfortunately some of the best threads from 1997-2008 are not coded in this version we started but one day I hope to port some of those classic threads off my hard drives and bring them in.

We're beginning to run out of space so we're going to begin culling Talon Talk, Tailgating & Travel Talk, and the Article Links and ultimately keeping just a year or two of those on hand rather than the seven years worth that had been saved. We'll probably keep most of the Flight Line intact though we'll probably cull through those at some point too.

Feel free to post your nominations !