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Thread: 2017 Donation Drive

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    Default 2017 Donation Drive

    *** Please be sure to read the postscript concerning username information ***

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days each year sneaks into your home and your office ... We spend quite a bit of time updating the site daily with GSU related links as well as providing this forum and outlet for everyone to enjoy (and sometimes curse ).

    This is your opportunity for each of you to provide us with a little bit of reciprocation, and is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate you value what we and what we provide the casual and diehard Eagle fan.

    We are about to embark on our 20th year (yes, twentieth !) of continuous operation of providing access to information regarding Georgia Southern athletics.

    Annually, we ask for your continued support for this access which aids in offsetting the ongoing expenses associated with operating this site.

    With the support of YOU, our donors, continues to grow and expand, having surpassed 3400 registered users. Since leaving the network in April of 2002, and has surpassed well over 1 billion ‘hits’ (hard to believe, but yes that is billion with a 'b'), over 1 million cumulative posts, and we continue to enjoy an ever-expanding base of participants on the messageboards. Since September 2008 with the launch of our current board configuration, we have had over 732,000 individual opinions expressed ranging on a wide variety of topics concerning Georgia Southern athletics. Unlike other sites, we keep our content archived and available so what you've posted and talked about can be revisited for years to come !

    Several online subscription plans are available. Monthly plans are $6.99 a month and annual subscription plans are $49.99.

    Monthly plans are ONLY available when subscribing through the messageboard subscription panel.

    All donors will receive access to the Eagles’ Nest, which is the repository inside Eagle information, as well as premium access to our photo (non-watermarked) and game archives and multimedia.

    Our donation drives have been historically conducted on an annual basis, beginning around the start of football season each year. Mail donations can be accepted at any time. Online subscriptions will be in effect from the date of subscription payment, to the end of the term selected.

    We welcome your financial support to recover and meet the majority of our expenses. We would sincerely appreciate any financial support you can offer, so we may continue to provide GSUFANS an outlet for following our favorite team.

    Additionally, we continue to upgrade our photographic equipment and we look forward to adding to what is undoubtedly the most complete GSU game photo archive available on the Internet.

    To contribute or donate other amounts through PayPal, without using the subscription plan, click the following link:

    P.S. !!!

    * If you subscribe via PayPal directly, outside of the forum subscription panel, please be sure to include your site username with your payment so we can activate your access. Thanks ! *
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