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    One of the few positive points tonight was Hombre Zappato. The freshman looked poised, and threw a rope. He will be good. I hate red shirts anyways so I'm not too upset about it getting burnt. Good Game Shuman!
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    Your other thread is better. (and more accurate).

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    I don't disagree. Give the freshman some credit though. He threw a pretty ball. Product on the field is hot garbage, and it's getting hotter. But for a freshman QB, he carried himself well.

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    I admit it. I had to babelfish "zappato". LoL.
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    I saw him at the fan appreciation game and thought he was the best out there that day. The thing that will surprise some on here is he pulled the ball down and took off a couple of times, he's got some speed, not fav up speed but he will run.


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