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Bump.....does anybody know anything????
Not a thing, his last post before starting this thread was

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Sorry Talon Talk faithful – I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for the season. I did however place 320 post on the WV board before the game & before I became sick.

After the WV game I was in and out of the hospital about 13+ times. Let’s see now there was acid reflux that inflamed my epiglottis that allowed mucus to enter my lungs, large ulcer in my stomach, 5 intestinal polyps to feed a family of 5, asthma, allergies, high bold pressure, cholesterol < lost a pint of blood out of my ***, & finally depression, anxiety and panic attacks, that I’ve dealt with for years usually using alcohol – well - now you know why!

See you next year

which was make on July1, 2016. His last visit to the message board was when he started this thread on Nov 15th of last year.