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    Quote Originally Posted by StingingEagle View Post
    If the people on GT Swarm are right about Cook, we will be seeing passing and pistol formation, something resembling Muskogee Option, aka Shogun Offense. I don't know the validity of that- only that GT folks saw it coming because he was wanting the opportunity other than pure flexbone. If that's true, we just hit a homerun.
    I can dig it. After he puts his own touch on it down here, we can name it the Ogeechee Option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete4256 View Post
    Oh yeah, that's some good gun/option stuff as opposed to 'bone concepts from the pistol.

    But in 2013 Cook was working with Vad Lee in ATL.

    What you're seeing is the Fritz/Flex hybrid that had me, GATAlac, and Buzz giggling like six-grade girls over Saga Tuitele.
    Darn it! I'm still holding out hope!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDC325 View Post
    CTS to GT

    I LOLed

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    Default Re: A mistake to go backwards

    Quote Originally Posted by EagleBlue View Post
    If we mix the flex with 10-12 completed passes a game we will be unstoppable. In my opinion.
    Yup. And it might not be the flex because he might want more passing and he might think it's easier out of the gun. It's his first time having total control of an office, so all the variations he might have been wondering about for years will now be possibilities. I don't think it is very likely he will feel stuck repeating what his aging mentors did. He'll be his own man, more likely. Should be fun to watch.

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    Default Re: A mistake to go backwards

    So are our social media butterflies showing him love on the Twitters?
    Irwin M. Fletcher

    P.S.: Have a nice day!


    If he's as smart as I hope he is, he'll stick to what PJ has done well over the years. You don't learn the tricks of the trade, you learn the trade. You do what you do SO WELL that you line up and say hear we come. See if you can stop it.

    The OL is the key.

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    Default Re: Bryan Cook is the new OC

    Quote Originally Posted by NewJersey GATA View Post
    Hard to complain about that hire
    Praise the AD for BC?

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    Default Re: Bryan Cook is the new OC

    Quote Originally Posted by Rad View Post
    Praise the AD for BC?
    Yes! He made the money available to hire the guy. This was a very good hire!

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    Default Re: Bryan Cook is the new OC

    From Cook's GT Bio, concerning his time at Cal Poly:

    Under Cook, who also coached the Cal Poly quarterbacks and fullbacks, the Mustangs ranked third nationally in 2012 in FCS rushing offense (324.2 yards per game), seventh in scoring offense (36.7 ppg) and first in pass efficiency (175.7).
    Here's film from the 2nd Round of the 2012 FCS Playoffs, Cal Poly vs. Sam Houston

    It appears Saga Tuitele and Bryan Cook were Co-OC's at Cal Poly, so we can all still dream about a Flex/Shotgun/Pistol hybrid offense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GATAlac El Dorado View Post
    I can't believe we whiffed on a coach named Saga Tuitele. I was all ready to get a tribal tattoo and hoping he'd have the team doing a haka before kickoff at each game, but then I realized he's Samoan and they don't do haka. That's what I get for cultural stereotyping.
    I mean, he's definitely got a weight problem, but I wouldn't go so far as to call a brother "fat."
    Thanks, Rastabot!

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