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    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    If JR and AP got hurt it wouldn't have mattered. The backups were going to be a huge drop off. That's my point.
    If Greg Hill had gotten hurt, I don't think the '98 and '99 seasons would have played out much differently with J.R. at the helm.

    If A.P. had gotten hurt in 2001, I think we could have made a deep run even with Hakeem Ford and Jermaine Austin (who redshirted).
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    Quote Originally Posted by pete4256 View Post
    You mean the 2015 Go-Daddy Bowl offensive player of the game? Dude got important touches in important situations, and he could change the game on any given play.

    So, yes, this is a good illustration of how depth helps. I liked Chaz Thornton a lot, but if I need a RB to get 5-7 meaningful carries a game, I'd take Fields every time.

    That's why I'm interested to see whether Montgomery, Walker, Garrett, Laroche, Wright, or Godfrey (all scholarship RBs) can make a similar impact off the bench in meaningful situations.

    I'm as big a fan of rotating skill players as Mark Richt and Paul Johnson.

    You are acting like I said we just need some ****ty RB to take up a handful of carries a game. Obviously I want that 3rd RB to be as good as possible. But just like with Fields in 2015 (including the bowl game) very few to zero games will be decided based on what our #3 RB who is getting 6 carries a game does. It will be based on what Fields and Ramsby do.

    Obviously they can't carry it every time but they need to be and I expect will be on the field the majority of the time.
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    I actually considered getting into a debate with Half one time (on something unimportant). But then chickened out because I knew my a$$ was about to get handed to me.


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