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Thread: The first Auburn game

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    Default The first Auburn game

    August 31, 1991, I was sitting in the corner of Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium, looking up at a scoreboard late in the second quarter and seeing............... Georgia Southern 17, Auburn 0, and it should have been 24-0.

    Coming off back-to-back I-AA National Championships, but missing much of the talent that led them to those titles, the Eagles walked into the Tigers den and had a chance to pull off the upset.
    This should have been the Swamp, just a few decades earlier.
    Going to the game with my best friend we got there way too early and had plenty of time to wander around near the stadium, both of us decked out in Georgia Southern clothes and hats. Few of the Auburn fans noticed us, we had one really drunk frat boy say something to us, but I think that was more the booze talking
    than anything else. We did get stopped by a few Auburn fans that wanted to know what Southern was all about, and when we said option football most of them either rolled their eyes and walked off, or said we used to run that and I miss it.
    Before the game, as the stands started to fill up we noticed how many Southern fans were at the game. Our corner of the field and part of the endzone was full of Southern fans and like always we were a loud bunch even in pregame.
    But the loudest moment pregame was when Erk Russell came out on the field, holding up the cheerleaders GSU flag and started waving it. The Southern fans roared, and the Auburn fans had no idea at the time that was a Auburn grad doing that for a visiting team.
    The first play of the game for Auburn's offense was both a reminder that these Eagles came to play and what would eventually prove to be the Eagles downfall.
    Auburn had said all pre-season that they were going to throw the ball more and be a more modern offense. Auburn came out on the first play of the game in the shotgun and Stan White got the snap cleanly and then almost as fast was sacked by Michael Berry our 210 pound Defensive end.
    The stadium was alive and loud when Auburn came out in the gun, and that loud stadium went quiet, except for the Eagles fans, as Berry drug White to the ground.
    That small Eagle line gave Auburn's pass blocking fits for much of the first half.
    At halftime, Auburn got booed off their home field which was impressive, but the most impressive thing was about halfway through the halftime, the sprinker system moved the sprinker heads to where it was aimed at the Eagle fans. This was just a few years after they had to turn on the sprinkers to get Georgia fans off the field after a win and I know that they knew we would have been on the field had we won.
    In the second half the Auburn run game, mostly their fullback, just beat on our small defense and wore them down. Auburn won 32-17 in what was Pat Dye's final year as head coach with the Tigers.
    After the game, stuck in some really bad traffic, listening to the post-game show on the radio, every call by a fan was the same, they started off saying why are we scheduling a team that good to start the season with, followed by a few comments on the Eagles then the blasting of the Auburn team would start. We listed to that for about an hour until they stopped taking calls.
    There were moments in that game where the Eagles should have had them. Auburn blocked a field goal attempt, and the Eagles had a score called back on a penalty, the score should have been 24-0 at the half.
    The things that stand out about that game though are clear in my mind. Seeing Erk waving that GSU flag, learning just how tough QB Charles Bostick was, as he took knockout shot after knockout shot in that game and kept getting up, and hearing the home fans boo their team off the field, I never let my friends who are Auburn fan's forget that.
    The thing about that game was no one knew what to expect. Would Auburn be just too much for the Eagles? Could the Eagles even score against the better talent?
    That night showed what I have always loved about the Eagles program. Sure I had seen two National Championships in 89 and 90, that game made me a fan for life.
    You see talented teams give up all the time. You see really good teams just buckle and the players just become a step slower as the game goes on.
    That night in south Alabama the Eagles never gave up, they got out-talented and out-sized, but they never stopped.
    That is the Georgia Southern I want to see again this year.
    Last year is over, we all know the issues, we all know that mistakes were made by the coaching staff, but that is all over now.
    Lets go into Auburn and shock the Tigers again, but this time I think 35-21 Eagles is a good goal. We need to even up the series.

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    Great story thanks for sharing. Hope we can even up the series! GATA Eagles!

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    Default Re: The first Auburn game

    Don't choose to be annoyed. Choose to be amused.

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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    I remember listening to the game on the radio. What I didn't remember is that it was 1991. For some reason I thought it was a few years earlier.

    Didn't Southern drop a sure pick six right before the half?

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    I remember being there as a kid....still remember the huge RB they had and all the orange.

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    Default Re: The first Auburn game

    Great story. I was sitting in the end zone. If I remember correctly, we had the lead until the early in the 4th quarter.

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    Thanks for the memory eaglereporter. I hope this gets printed out and finds its way onto our locker room bulletin board.

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    Default Re: The first Auburn game

    I remember that the Eagles locker room was the worst excuse for a D1 locker room in the history of locker rooms.

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    Default Re: The first Auburn game

    I wonder if today's fight will have repercussions reaching into our game?

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