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Thread: Governor's race.....

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    Okay I am tempting fate here and combining the topics of politics and college sports in Georgia (some would say that is the same as combining politics and religion). With the governor's race just starting I found myself wondering if Casey Cagle won the race would that be a good thing for GS given his ties to the school? His three sons went to school and played at GagState (golf and basketball), so could those ties to the "non ThUGA" schools help with the BOR for funding?
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    Very unlikely a Cagle win would have any effect on our football program. Still too many UGA and Tech alums tying their money into the USG to make sure we don't challenge them.

    However, it could help with funding of our academics and increasing our research endowment. Maybe to the point where we could be reclassified as a research university. Something like that would be beneficial to the state as a whole so there would be less pushback from the UGA and Tech alums.

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    Cagle would be a friend to Georgia Southern, as I think you could say Nathan Deal has been. Don't have any further commentary.

    We've got ample allies under the gold dome, don't know about the BoR.
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    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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    BillyBob answered the question.

    Gonna lock it.
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