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Thread: James Madison and the SunBelt

  1. Default James Madison and the SunBelt

    I recently spent some time on business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I remember that Madison was a finalist for the spot in the SunBelt that went to Coastal. I don't know the backstory. Who rejected whom? I know nothing about coastal's facilities but was very impressed with how Madison has grown. Their stadium was pretty impressive. The number of alumni that they have in the prosperous D.C. Suburbs is comparable with Southern's in metro Atl. Does anyone know the story? I think the SunBelt may have blown this one.

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    IIRC the shortened long story is they (JMU) want to be in a conference of 'like' universities...they hold themselves at a much higher level of esteem than most. I'm not even sure they were offered, as they were quite vocal about not joining the SBC.

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    The Sun Belt certainly wanted them, and App was hoping to get them as it would make a close home game for them. JMU's administration is who prevented the move to the Sun Belt.

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    It's been tossed around. JMU was holding out for a CUSA invitation to play with ODU or at least the MAC but those conferences filled up. Sun Belt lost all interest in expanding when the 12-team CCG requirement was dropped. Now JMU is on the outside looking in. A lot of fans want to move up but administration is dragging its feet. They're probably still at the top of the short list but there won't be any expansion in the near term. Not until the Big XII makes a move.

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    I guess that answers my question. Thanks.

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    TL;DR version:

    Sun Belt wanted JMU
    JMU wanted CUSA
    CUSA was full
    The NCAA said conferences don't need 12 teams for a Championship game and divisions
    Sun Belt didn't need JMU anymore
    JMU is trapped in the FCS now

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    According to multiple people on the JMU CSN board, JMU was put up for a vote for CUSA membership and Marshall apparently threw its weight around to keep them out.

    Now they're looking at being the #3 non-power-5 program in the State. Idiot administration. Their academic snobbery is going to cost them big.

    I've said before, I'm not opposed to going beyond 10 teams, and we just sit tight eventually some of the stronger CUSA football schools will realize the new CUSA is built on sand and JMU might come to their senses.
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    I mean theoretically you could bring JMU and Liberty in together to lessen both of their travel burdens. But additions would have to make financial sense. They'd have to add as much revenue as we'd be losing by slicing up the pie even more.

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    SunBelt gets James Madison our perception level (positive perception), increases by a few notches.

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    CUSA and Sun Belt will merge before the Sun Belt will add new teams. What would y'all think of an East Coast conference made up of Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Coastal Carolina, Middle Tenn, App State, UNC Charlotte, ODU, JMU, and Marshall?

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