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Thread: Oklahoma State traveling to South Alabama this Saturday...

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    Questions for anyone who thinks TK is the reason we can't schedule games and not our offense

    1. Why is it that when the option went away after 2005 Sam Baker was suddenly able to get games with Colorado State, UNC, Navy, and a Saban-coached Alabama?

    2. Why did Nick Saban turn down a game with us when he was coach at LSU?

    3. Why is North Texas complaining about getting ready for Army and cancelling their games with them?

    4. Why does New Mexico also have a pretty unimpressive non-conference schedule?

    Now ask yourself if it's more likely being in a small stadium and not being in a major recruiting hotbed and having a reputation for running option offenses is what hurts us, or that somehow or AD that has almost doubled the athletic budget doesn't know how to do something as simple as picking up the phone and asking another AD if they will play us in football.

    I bring this stuff up every time that we've had this discussion over the last 2 or 3 years, and never get a good answer.
    Hey TK! Change the culture back!

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ Eagle View Post
    Wake is a joke and only a P5 in name only. IMO Houston is a better H&H than Wake. UNC is not much better and gets an away game that is easy for their fans to go to and won't cost them a ton of money in travel. To say either of those two are on the level of uga or GT is laughable. But please continue with your agenda that it's all TK's fault. You also haven't answered what we have to offer any of the P5's that make Paulson an attractive place to play for them.
    I definitely agree that Houston is a better get then WF. However, App's AD said that the WF series helped secure the UNC series, and Miami's AD said the App-WF series made it easier for them to explain scheduling a H&H with App... both, because WF was the first ACC program to schedule a H&H with App. Whatever ones opinion of WF is, they served a greater purpose for App, they broke the ACC seal and pioneered entry for other ACC programs to do the same and minimize (not eliminate) booster criticism.

    You could be correct about UNC, but I find it really difficult to believe that a University with nearly $3B endowment and athletic department with nearly $100m budget needs to financially settle for a bus ride to Boone to play the most popular and profitable sport in the land.

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