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Thread: No bashing X's and O's discussion

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    Default No bashing X's and O's discussion

    Not a great X's and O's expert, but I have some observations about what has gone on and most everything seems like it could be corrected, but I definitely want to hear from others.

    Poor QB decision-making: Pitch/keep, throw away/scramble
    Poor QB execution: holding too long waiting for receivers to get open, high throws
    Possible fixes: additional game experience, personnel change

    Poor OL play: falling down on attempted cut blocks, not firing off the ball, not getting to 2nd level, missing blocks
    Possible fixes: additional game experience, personnel changes or position shifts (Ty Phillips seemed to do well on OL last year, could he help? Grall replaced Culbreath(?) last week, was this due to injury or performance? Can any true FR help?)

    Poor WR play: dropped passes, missed blocks?
    Possible fixes: additional game experience, personnel changes

    RB Play: Garrett seems to have had the most success in limited action, maybe get him more carries?

    Susceptible to crossing routes, weak up the middle on runs

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    Default Re: No bashing X's and O's discussion

    I see what you are trying to do, but I think all the offensive problems start with the OL issues. You can't read the right player when there are four people waiting on the ball. Last season the OL was just bad, but I chalked up much of that to the passing concepts they were working on more and more with Shuman being the QB that the coaches wanted to play.
    The OL has become passive and not at all physical. They are not fireing off the ball, but they are also not holding blocks at all, even when they get in good position they are not able to hold the point of attack. It is like they get to a spot and stop and don't continue to block.
    Also the OL looks like they have no idea who to block on a given play. I know I saw them attempt to block the read guy more than once against Auburn, and if you are running the option you normally don't want to block the read guy. Against UNH I saw them doubleteam a linebacker on the backside of the play and not block two different defensive linemen on the strong side of the play.
    The QB play has been the play of a freshman. He is learning on the job and is going to make mistakes, but if we were blocking better then he could cover up some of those mistakes just like Ellison did as a freshman. He didn't always make the right reads, but he had the ability to get positive yards and sometimes even break a big one on a mistake.
    The WR's looked much better last year, but again you had more experienced players last year. They too look like they do not understand the blocking assignments on the edge. Route running has never been our WR's top skill, but it looks like their technique might be a little off, but again with no blocking the QB has to rush the throw and the WR's might not get out of the break in time.

    My problem with the defense is not matching up with the offense, same as last year. Everyone we play is running this spread offense, we need to be able to play nickle or dime defense sometimes.
    Watching our linebackers trying to cover Auburn's quickest WR down the field reminded me of last year against Western Michigan. Over and over Western got Corey Davis on our LB's in coverage and it was a mismatch, just like against Auburn. All Auburn had to do was run that guy in motion to the wide side of the field, and run a out with him and it was a easy 8 to 15 yards every time.
    We also seem to be very slow in recognizing the dive fake, or at least we were against UNH. It is like the defenders take a couple of steps to decide if it is run or pass and by the time they figure it out the pass is gone and completed unless we get a good play by a DB.
    That having been said, the DL has been able to put some pressure on QB's this year and that is good to see. We are very vulnerable to the dive plays though because it looks like our inside linemen are playing a two gap system and trying to read the ball carrier and then get off a block to make the play.
    I think if the defensive front were just playing one gap and attacking that gap that we could cause more issues for running backs and QB's in the backfield.
    We also can't cover a tight end, but that is nothing new, no college program in the state of Georgia can cover a tight end. Between the hash marks against our defense you can make some catches if the ball is on time, but we play a lot of zone and if the defensive line doesn't get to the QB, then they are going to complete a lot of passes.

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    Default Re: No bashing X's and O's discussion

    I've seen more bad snaps from center in the first two games than would expect to see in an entire season.

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    Default Re: No bashing X's and O's discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLEX2 View Post
    I've seen more bad snaps from center in the first two games than would expect to see in an entire season.
    Not when you don't have a true center on the roster.

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    Default Re: No bashing X's and O's discussion

    Where the hell is Sapp
    Too many Urkels on your team that's why your wins low

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