I cannot comment with certainty, on the implementation timeline ... but the following decision has been made:

We will be updating the board to a vBulletin version 5 upgrade, and at that time we will also be revamping the design and look of the site. In essence, a complete overhaul. The plan now will be to eventually leave the existing board archived in a perpetual frozen state, only upgrading code when necessary but closed to new registrations. We'll port over existing users to the new database.

Rather than move along incrementally, we will be building it 'away' from here for the time being and will then transition to the new site at the appropriate time.

We will also be moving to Tapatalk OR using the vBulletin branded mobile version of the site. That determination has not been made, but in either case there will be a solution in place to handle mobile access and it should have little to no cost to the end user. The latest site upgrade to vBulletin (version 4.5.2) killed off the remaining functionality that existed with ForumRunner, which hadn't been updated since vBulletin bought them (probably to 'urge' users to convert to the vBulletin mobile version).

At this point we are not asking for any other 'requests' only due to the fact that getting to the point of launching a new (and hopefully improved) website and experience will already keep us very occupied. Once we go 'live' we will at that point begin to work on tweaking the site to whatever glitches and drawbacks we discover.