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Thread: Playing Kentucky in Paulson Stadium?....

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    Are we going to start being able to beat an FCS team before we take on Kentucky?
    JW "Cliff" Williams

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSCBBA1987 View Post
    i thought you were a business minded guy.

    You get the $300,000 + you would get from an average home game + $300,000 you would get from the “premium” game ticket price. You save however many hundred thousand in travel cost. You set records for season tickets sold and booster donations that come with them. You set the single game attendance record plus the additional concessions that come with that. You set the record on the 50/50 giveaway. If you have two money games plus this game, you save the couple hundred thousand you pay an fcs team to come here. Your game is shown on the sec, big ten or whatever network rather than ESPN 3.

    BUT, the biggest thing you get is the intrinsic values of having a huge game on campus. Think intrinsic value like you get when you lose money in a December exhibition game in exchange for PR, exposure and excitement for the kids that play the game.

    AND going forward two money games will only be about 6% of our total budget.
    Kentucky is going to to do all that...Kentucky....ok....all that you talk about is less than half of a pay day payout. Try again.

    Honestly I almost hope we take the 1M+ loss just to show getting an average P5 will be forgotten within a month of the game.

    Intrinsic value...hopefully this becomes a saying. Can you buy out bad coaches or hire good ones with intrinsic value? How about new facilities? Are there things such as intrinsic recruits as you need real money to pay for recruiting trips. Who needs a $1-1.5M pay day game when you can have an intrinsic value game.

    Dirk E. Sanchez, Overyonder, GA 2001

    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    you missed JDC's point.

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