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Thread: Who should Georgia Southern hire?

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    STATESBORO, Ga. — WJCL News is learning more about the search for Georgia Southern University’s next Head Football Coach.
    Interim Head Coach Chad Lunsford has an interview with university administrators on Sunday night once the team returns from Louisiana. Lunsford is on a list that includes three or four coaching candidates.

    Lunsford took over from Tyson Summers, who was fired in October after the Eagles lost their first six games of the year. Summers was 5-13 in a season and a half at Georgia Southern University.
    We’re told Lunsford has a ground swell of support from athletes, alumni and boosters. His candidacy recently picked up steam after he led the Eagles to two decisive wins in a row. In fact, there are some Twitter hashtags being used right now supporting the move, including “#HireChadLunsford” and “#WeWantLunsford.”
    In addition, sources tell WJCL News that Brian Bohannon is expected to be interviewed. Bohannon is the Head Football coach at Kennesaw State University and has previously coached at Georgia Southern University under Paul Johnson.
    James Madison University Head Coach Mike Houston has withdrawn from consideration. We also know Penn State University Defensive Coordinator Brent Pry has also pulled out of the running to be the Eagles’ next head coach.
    No final decision has been made yet, but we expect all of the candidate interviews to be finished in the next two days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walt3412 View Post
    So how does Stanford keep churning out winning teams and NFL talent?
    Because they do a better job than GT. And they are more an Arts and Humanities college than Institute of Technology. And they have 50% fine California trim. And maybe this......

    "Stanford athletes had access to list of ‘easy’ courses"

    ...Officials discontinued the list last week after student reporters working for California Watch began asking about it.

    ...The list, which has existed at least since 2001, was widely regarded by athletes as an easy class list. More than a quarter of the courses on the list did not fulfill university general education requirements.

    ...Other professors were unconcerned that a class they taught made it onto the list. Some, in fact, said they believed student athletes should be treated differently than the typical student.

    ...While the list has an intended audience of student athletes, Lythcott-Haims said any Stanford student could have obtained a copy of the document, which was available only in hard copy from the offices of the Athletic Academic Resource Center — in the basement of the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation.

    ...But Miriam Marks, a Stanford senior and Daily columnist who was told about the list, said the list is essentially only for the athlete community.
    “The biggest drawback is that it is specifically made available to athletes,” Marks said. “If it was published to the entire student body, that’s a different thing. If I were to walk in and ask for the list, they would ask me why I needed it, since I’m not an athlete.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by GATAlac El Dorado View Post
    How real is the trope that GT's academics hinder their recruiting? Serious question
    Stanford is top 20 year and out, if you can make it at Stanford you can make it at GT. Now I get with the TO your offensive recruits on the OL and WR are not going to be four and five star guys but 50's is crazy in this state. If Stanford can be as high as 7th in the country I dont think it is to much to ask for the GT HC no matter who it is or what offense they are running to be in the top 30's consistently. He has had classes in the 70's that is crazy. We have had a class in the 70's. I dont care about the nerd herd just would like to see what PJ could do with upper echelon recruits.
    Dirk E. Sanchez, Overyonder, GA 2001

    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    you missed JDC's point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete4256 View Post
    Because they have every conceivable major and a national recruiting base.

    When you’re the kind of student-athlete who would do well at Tech and are also a 4/5 star recruit, you’re probably looking at Stanford, Notre Dame, or maybe even Michigan. You’ll also have a lot of other offers. Just about anybody wants you when you’re a 4/5 star recruit with good grades/test scores. Why go to Tech when you could go to UGA? You’d have to be a special case, like Justin Thomas. Or maybe looking for someplace you’re more likely to get on the field.

    Tech’s looking at the kind of recruits who are coveted by Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Cal, Duke, etc., but the curriculum is much more limited at Tech. Like them (and unlike Stanford) Tech mostly has a regional recruiting footprint.
    GT's business program is the best in the state last I looked. A ton more going on a Tech other than engineering. Also from a dwag alum I started in appraising with that was in the ATL corporate area for Race Trac gas stores, Tech has the strongest network in the ATL corporate world.
    Dirk E. Sanchez, Overyonder, GA 2001

    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    you missed JDC's point.

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