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Thread: Fan Incident

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle22 View Post
    Well, if nothing else this will probably put a complete stop to fan access on the field after the game.
    Always one dumb kid that writes a naughty word on his desk and ruins sharpie privileges for the whole class.
    Hey TK! Change the culture back!

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwinnetteagle88 View Post

    I am sure Zo knows he might be fired at the end of the year, I wonder if he is considering filing charges directly? A coach (even a bad one) has to feel physically safe and not worry about some a@@hat fan possibly assaulting him on the field.
    Pretty sure Mr Zo can take of himself and a drunken fan is the least of his problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peachstealth View Post
    Compassion beats apathy! Doesn't mean you should have no self control.
    Sorry if I misunderstood what you said. I thought you said what he did beats apathy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1peatfor7 View Post
    I saw the tail end of it and honestly thought it was a State fan talking smack. He went after Zo and Zo had to be restrained. I assume it was another coach who pushed the fan away to keep the situation from escalating. The fan then went up to the stands to get away literally inches from me but he was tailed by a few GS employees who got the cops on the radio. They followed him through the stands. My friends saw the end result - the GBI questioning him. The fan definitely stepped over the line.
    Fan should know better than to mess with Zo. The man is an expert on cracking skulls

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    I would expect that the punishment for this will ultimately fall on the shoulders of fans. Not much will happen to the fan any question in less charges are pressed. And Zo might be inclined to just move on since pressing charges would lead to some idiot screaming about him "being more concerned about fighting with fans in court than winning games."

    So the end result would likely be minimal punishment for the individual, but a crackdown on gameday security that will affect everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave. View Post
    For all we know, the guy could be a well-rounded individual who made a mistake.

    Now, if he was truly drunk and disorderly, then yeah. Maybe spend the night drying out.

    But banned from the campus for life? We're all humans here. I know I've made mistakes before. I'm glad someone had grace.

    Agree with the last two paragraphs wholely.

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    Apparently there was also an incident including racist remarks at a cheerleader again? Can anyone confirm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geecheeriverambler View Post
    It just doesn't matter that much anymore in this new FBS world.

    Guy just needs to learn to be apathetic like the rest of us.

    A lot more important things in life.
    Painfully true.

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    I swear it wasn’t me. I left at the half. I had to be in Ft Lauderdale this morning. Anyone got a name?
    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    Atleast 7-5 with a legit shot at 8-4.

    Only chance of this team winning less than 6 games is if it's ravenged by injuries. Anybody predicting 4 wins or some crap like that is clueless. Post Arkansas St game is going to be fun around here to watch the crow being eaten. Heck, even post UNH is going to provide some fun.

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    Why would you pay money to go if your plan the whole time was to leave at half

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