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Thread: Tubby Raymond dies at 92

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    Longtime University of Delaware football coach Tubby Raymond dies at 92
    "Raymond guided Delaware to a 300-119-3 record over those 36 seasons and became the ninth coach in college football history to win 300 career games when Delaware beat Richmond 10-6 on Nov. 10, 2001, at Delaware Stadium. He announced his retirement Feb. 18, 2002."

    In the 2000 I-AA Playoff Georgia Southern beat Coach Raymond's Blue Hens in Delaware 27-18.
    Also, in 2001 the Eagles beat CTR in Statesboro 38-7.
    Tubby Raymond- Delaware Football Hall of Famer

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    The morning of the 2001 game I was driving over to Statesboro on I-16 from Savannah in a convertible with the top down and I came up on and passed a 3 bus caravan that was obviously the Delaware team. I pulled my GS hat off and started waving and pointing to it in a pretty animated fashion. Only one player in the 3 buses flicked me off. I knew right then that the game would be a blowout.

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    He's a legend without a doubt.

    KC Keeler's success at Sam Houston as well as Delaware's floundering in the last 4 seasons after he was fired as made me look at both Raymond and UD football in a different way.
    Don't choose to be annoyed. Choose to be amused.

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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