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Thread: Grade the Coaching Staff

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    On paper a solid A. This time next year will be the end of their “Freshman” year and will be a better time give a real grade.

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    A for what we know now. + is waiting for recruiting and on the field results.

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    I hope our coordinators can hire their own staffs. They deserve this.

    Aside from Lunsford, I didn't see how any of the assistants' performances in 2017 substantiated a contract renewal. Linebacker play was awful, worst in a decade. Secondary performance was embarrassing. That was to be one of our strengths. Offensive line returned virtually everybody and the play was absolutely awful. And remember that final game against CCU? Pitiful in most every aspect.

    We need to give these new coordinators the license to make their own hires. That way, you hold them fully accountable. We need a bleach cleaning on our coaching staff. It was one of the worst in the entire country from top to bottom.

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    I'm getting excited!

    This time last year, we were hoping to somehow bring it up to a D.

    We know we have the players. We now have much better staff! I'm stoked!!

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    Not wanting to put a grade on it when the ink hasn't dried, but for what it's worth, it feels different and more cohesive than the last time, like CCL hired the best candidate relative to what he wanted his staff to look like. Summers looked like he hired people irrespective of the other members of the staff, like he didn't have a theme if that makes sense..

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    Have to say the hires have been a SOLID marklar IMO. Depending on how marklar performs without marklar, it's quite possible marklar marklars the marklar marklar.

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    I think these hires were a best case for recruiting after the year we had. The kids will see solid Coordinators and coaches so far for the future. GATA Eagles
    Soaring on to the Sunbelt! GATA Eagles!

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    Can we let the rest of the staff be named first??

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    Default Re: Grade the Coaching Staff

    gave a A-, I will change that depending on what happens to some other position coaches. I am fine with the staff now but I wouldn't mind seeing a few more changes.

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    USA Today rated Chad Lunsford, a "C" grade on the hire.

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