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Yep, and years in the SBC and some minor bowl wins hasn't changed that. In fact, I'd wager the same people probably still know Boise for beating Oklahoma or that silly-assed blue turf than anything else. Hell, they're an occasional top 25 program, but they're also one bad coach away from being an afterthought, just like every other program that isn't among the elite.

That said, what does it ------ matter? That's what I don't get about some fans. You continue to bemoan the supposed 'lack of respect' a school gets, WHO GIVES A F___K. Does it make your day somehow better if some pinheaded yankee from Newark goes, "ooh, you like Georgia Southern, you're cool."

I mean, if you're in it so you can somehow live vicariously through how many people know about and salute the football program you claim to support, you need to check your priorities as a fan.

This isn't just directed at you. It's all of your insecure ilk. So don't take it personally.
trust me, pinheaded Yankees know very, very little about GS.