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I’m sure this will be taken the wrong way but it’s the truth....when you run as many QB runs as they do you aren’t going to fumble a lot. There were several times yesterday the pitch was wide open but the QB wasn’t even looking for it. It was a designed QB run all the way. Which isn’t bad coaching by any means. I’m just saying They don’t pitch the ball mutch so they aren’t going to fumble like a “normal” option team will.

Now with that said of course 6 fumbles is impressive any way you slice it. And what Monken has done there is beyond impressive.
Exactly. A bunch of us had a group text going and we mentioned how the slot back was open on the outside but the qb kept it. You could see monkens game plan was to eat clock and be fine with the fb dive and qb design runs getting 2-5 yards a pop to keep sdsu offense and their amazing running back off the field. Great execution and a fun game to watch.