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CB after game said we missed key foul shots and 10 "chippies" from up close. I think I read this right, Tookie with 8 shots, Jake with 2. IMO, Tookie has to start "gunning", 15-25 shots a night.
Jake got hurt so he missed a good bit of time, but we still need to run some plays to get him shots when he is not getting them in the normal game flow.
Tookie needs to take more shot, force a few if necessary, but USA made it a point to stop him. They we doubling him most of the night, I think if Ike is non factor because of his injury going forward, that was a preview of conf. teams will play us.
Although the numbers don't really show it, I thought Ike looked better yesterday. Still not the same player, but seemed to be moving better in his limited time.
OC didn't play, unless he was hurt (I was able to watch part of the game, but couldn't listen) that was a coaching mistake. the kid has been giving us some good minutes the past few games and needs more time. As a freshman CB gave him minutes when he wasn't doing anything, now that he is playing pretty good, CB has him at the end of the rotation. I didn't understand it back them and can't figure it out now.