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    No one is complaining about them adding all the extra stuff and charging for it. What people are worried about is if you are already an ESPN subscriber paying $8 a month and are satisfied with the network and streaming content you get, the possibility of having them move the streaming content you are paying for and like right now to ESPN+ so you now have to pay $13 to get it. It's mainly complaining about the principle (if it even happens, no one knows yet).

    Example: I only watch football, don't watch any other sport professional or amateur. So, I'm already paying $8 a month to get ESPN and can watch every GS game either on TV or on WatchESPN. If they move all Sunbelt sports to ESPN+, I will have to pay for ESPN in order to see the games that are under TV contract since they will not be on ESPN+, and pay another $5 to get the other games. I typically cannot go to games but donate four season tickets to WINGS every year and donate monetarily as well. I think I have to full right to complain about the extra $5 if that happens but I hope it won't.....and I will still pay for it so I think I'd have the right.

    It is the exact same legitimate argument many cable subscribers already have about paying for a bunch of channels they don't want just to get the one they do which brought on streaming media and "clip the cord" to the rescue.....and the streaming media providers are just going to go to the exact same methodology watch and see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trueeagle98 View Post
    So funny listening to this after hearing the discussion for months already on other boards.
    SBC and GS are getting paid. That's the deal. This isn't for just "small" college football, it will also carry 500+ SBC sporting all year. So baseball, basketball, soccer, etc...

    Also reported to show out of market MLB and MLS games and probably more. It's way better than CUSA deal in my opinion. And it provides a nice one stop shop for most of GS sports. Any other games will be shown on regular TV.

    Y'all *****ing about $5/ month is why we can't have nice things. I'm currently debating on whether or not to cut the cord. I really don't know how much if any it'll save after picking all the a la carte options I we need to make the while family happy. We will see, but either way I will add E+ to my streaming lineup.
    Seriously, if you live in Atlanta, going to one game in Statesboro will exceed the cost of an entire year on ESPN+. My gas money to and from the Boro once would exceed $60. I’ll gladly pay this paltry sum.

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