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Thread: Matching Gift....what a coach

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    Default Matching Gift....what a coach

    The Matching Gift thread is a sticky and some people...OK, maybe just me....kinda ignore the stickies as they tend to blend into the background after a while.

    So, I wanted to post this in the main forum so it would be sure to be seen.
    Lunsford and his wife just pledged $200,000 to the matching gift challenge.
    Man, what a guy.

    If you don't receive emails from the Athletic Foundation:

    Lunsford Makes a Historic Contribution to the Matching Gift Challenge.
    Head coach of Eagle Football invests in the Coaches Continuity Fund.

    Chad Lunsford understands the importance of successful coaches.

    Being the head football coach at Georgia Southern, he knows that investing in the University's coaches will help recruit the best leadership and mentors for their student-athletes. Lunsford also knows an influential coaching staff will create strong relationships with student-athletes and will continue to maintain these relationships once their athletes graduate – becoming the link that keeps former players engaged with the program.

    In addition, a strong coaching staff will build relationships within the community and energize the fanbase while creating emotional connections through experiences.

    These lasting relationships are critical for a program to thrive. “When coaches are a constant at Georgia Southern, all of the people who are involved – whether they are alumni, former players or fans – become attached through deep-rooted relationships,” said Lunsford.

    It is for these reasons that Lunsford was inspired to give to the Matching Gift Challenge when the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation announced the campaign last month.

    "It's important to me to hire (and keep) coaches that know football, understand that relationships are key to college athletics and believe that Georgia Southern is a special place," said Lunsford. "It gets me fired up to be able to keep our coaching staff in place and for Georgia Southern Football to be successful."

    Lunsford and his wife, Tippy, accepted the challenge with a pledge to donate $200,000 to the Coaches Continuity Fund over the next four years in honor of his coaching staff. The Coaches Continuity Fund helps retain quality coaches. It can supplement a coach's salary as well as reward them for what their team does on the field and in the classroom.

    “Georgia Southern has always been good to my family and me,” said Lunsford, “therefore, Tippy and I wanted to show our appreciation to Eagle Nation and give back to those who have given so much to us.”

    This sizable donation made by a coach at Georgia Southern University in support of their program is unprecedented.

    In turn, Lunsford has also challenged Eagle Nation, "I am invested in our players, our coaches and Georgia Southern University. I now challenge you to show up, show out and give."

    Donations can be made online at Contributions can even be made in honor or memory of someone and donations can be made as a one-time gift or broken into monthly payments.

    Gifts can also be mailed to the Athletic Foundation, ATTN: Matching Gift Challenge, PO BOX 8115, Statesboro, GA 30460, with a note designating the gift to either the Coaches Continuity Fund or student-athlete scholarship endowments.

    The Matching Gift Challenge, made possible by a family who wishes to remain anonymous, challenged Eagle Nation to contribute to the sustainability of Georgia Southern Athletics and will match up to $750,000 in gifts made to the Coaches Continuity Fund or student-athlete scholarship endowments.

    The Athletic Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All gifts made to the Athletic Foundation's Matching Gift Challenge are tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    Glad I am not near a wall.

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    This guy gets it. I think we have a good one.
    No longer eating crow for saying "The TO is gone get over it!!"

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    You people that wanted a coach that loves the school and won't leave us for someone else...well, that's still a Candy Land idea, but we might be as close as you can get.
    Don't choose to be annoyed. Choose to be amused.

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    I can’t link it from my phone
    but would anyone be able to link the Tweet about Coaching staff meeting with SnookPac
    Once poked Chad Lunsford in the eye.

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    You know we might just have a HC, who if he's highly successful here in the W/L record might just stay. In this day and age I'd never thought I'd say that but with CL he might be different. Here is to 20 years of ongoing GS football success! GATA coach!

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    Quote Originally Posted by 1peatfor7 View Post
    This guy gets it. I think we have a good one.
    yep, he leads by his ACTIONS not his mouth/spewing jargon. But we all know what it really comes down to around here, win, win big, win quick and win with style.

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    It's the type of thing that can cause an Erk-level of devotion from players, coaches, etc. Great move to pledge it to the coaches continuity fund. I wonder if that is a roundabout way that allows supplementation to assistants without having to do that NCAA reporting stuff or if it makes it easier. Now he better have great results so he can stay at least the four years to pay off the pledge ha ha.

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach

    It's awesome that he did this but the results this fall... NEVERMIND.

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    Default Re: Matching Gift....what a coach


    Well, I'm off the hook.
    The Cliffs of Insanity

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