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Thread: New Announcer Voting

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    Default New Announcer Voting

    Voting for the new announcer is still underway. I personally know one of the finalists. Announcer A is john koon from soperton gs. The reason i'm posting this is because he does not deserve this job. He's a huge UGA supporter and he's trashed Georgia Southern, to me, in the past. I just don't want someone like him announcing for us. However, by far he's the best option and is most talented out of the group. Make your vote count

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    I haven’t voted. Of the four B was marginally better than C.

    I wasn’t overwhelmed by any.

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    Default Re: New Announcer Voting

    1. B
    2. A
    3. D
    4. C
    "Follow the trendlines, not the headlines." -Steven Pinker (?)

    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    Koon is pretty qualified. You've probably heard him on the broadcast of ghsa championship games. Also does radio broadcasting for vidalia Indian sports. Been involved in broadcasting a long time, and won several awards. However, I don't want a GS hater announcing. Just me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geecheeriverambler View Post
    thanks for posting this.......he did a good job, but we should not even allow him back in the stadium.

    I had already voted for B but thanks for posting. How in the wide world of sports did he even get to audition? I wonder if we had any other Dwag lovers in the booth yesterday?
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    A sounded like he was pressing. B sounded the most natural and smooth. C was pressing and had unnecessary pauses. D oh well. IMHO

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    Follow this rule announcer: 3rd down for opponent is when we invoke noise from the crowd. 3rd down for GS should be announced in a flat, ho-hum way. Deal drove me nuts with his big 3rd down announcements - learn the freaking game!

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    B for me.

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    Yeah, A also messed up a couple of times saying the ball was on the 48--when actually he was on the 38--or something like that. I thought A and B did the best, but because A messed up-- and now I know he's a hater-- I'm glad I originally went with B. On a side note, probably one of the better turn outs that I've seen for years.

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    Disregard this post.
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