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Thread: Arkansas State Series

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    Hello all you beautiful people. How are the Gnats? The Arkansas State bird, the Mosquito recently began its mating season here, so we're getting slowly filled with blood inhale vigorouslying beasts.

    It's that time of year where our two baseball teams pretend to play each other. Since its in Jonesboro, there will be lots of pitching on your side. And we'll try to win a series throwing only 5 guys. It's a lot of fun.

    We're playing our best ball of the year right now, which accounts to 5 wins in 8. Yeah its been that kind of year. We somehow took two from South Alabama in Mobile, and then continued our absolute mastery of the Texas State baseball program with two wins in Jonesboro last weekend. UCA Proceeded to beat the doors off our pen, which remains an unmitigated disaster outside of Closer Bo Ritter, but hey, we can win with 5 pitchers...right?

    Our Starting pitching is off and on. Brady Welsh has been solid but not spectacular on Friday's. He got slaughtered at Georgia State, and at Missouri State, but otherwise has been fine. He's got problems with the long ball, which means he's good at home in our gigantic park. Nate Alberius on Saturday is off and on. He's thrown a complete game against ULL, and 8 plus against South Alabama, but also had 3 inning disasters against Troy, Texas State, and Georgia State. He's not great in the first inning, but usually improves as the game goes on. If he's good in the 2nd and 3rd, watch out. We don't have an official Sunday Starter. Our Normal guy Peyton Culbertson has been hurt, and is now strictly out of the pen for an inning or two max. True Freshman Carter Holt had barely pitched before throwing 4 shutout against Troy. Since then he's been solid. He is a 4-5 inning max guy, so its mostly a pen day. We want 15 outs and then hope for the best. Pen is terrible outside of closer Bo Ritter, whose been great all season. Culbertson and Tanner Kirby will probably get some work, and have been decent out there. Otherwise...we've got a slew of guys with ERA's that include multiple digits before the Decimal, which isn't good at last check.

    Offense is getting better. We lost our two best hitters pre season to injuries and illness. Neither are returning. That's left a couple young players to get unusual amounts of starting time, and the adjustments have been slow. Junior Kyle McDonald has 11 homers, which is a near miracle in our park. He's hitting like .360 overall, and is scary good. Jeremy Brown bats in front of him and is on a 24 game on base streak. His conference average is around .400. We go as both of them go. The lineup gets thin after the first 5 or 6 guys, so if those two don't hit, it's a problem. Generally speaking, we must score at least 6 runs to have a chance at winning a game thanks to our pitching issues. Hence the issue we face with you guys. If we can't could get very ugly

    So um...yeah. Why don't you guys relax and take the series off, so we at least can keep our chances of playing in the tournament alive? Pretty Please?

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    Thanks for the preview Cheifsfan! You guys seem to have our number most of the time. Sounds like we are similar teams with similar results. Because you guys took 2 from USA we are tied with them for 2nd in the east. Sounds like you will see some good pitching. Tonight’s guy for us has been very good all year. Because our bullpen has been suspect he has lost a few games he should have easily won as skip leaves him out there up to 120 pitches. But he is a legitimate big league prospect so enjoy. Last week he held Troy to one questionable hit and in the 9th was still throwing 92-93 in the zone with some low 80s off speed in a very good location. If by chance you get into our bullpen early in this series then we are toast. But, our team is playing much better now as we have gotten some guys back from injury. We are 9 out of our last 12 and beaten some teams that have won a lot of games. We need to take 2 out of 3 to keep pace with USA for tourney seeding purposes. Have a great baseball weekend in Jonesboro!

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    Cheifsfan, we don't have a .300 hitter on our team, our team BA is .239. Leading homerun hitter has 8 and no other kid is close. Our #1 is a "horse" and will get drafted. If your going to make it to a game, make sure you go tonight to watch this kid pitch. Sluman, our #2 is pretty good too. I sure wish we could keep from having to use Cohen out of the bullpen because he is a heck of a #3 starter(he started as a freshman and soph) but because we lost so much from the bullpen, CH had/has to use Cohen as our closer. If our bats don't go "anemic", we have a good shot at sweeping you, BUT "anemic" has happened this season frequently. If we were a better hitting team this season, we'd be well over 30 wins by now.

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    Just glad Tyler Zuber is gone. Couldn't hit that guy at all.
    Don't choose to be annoyed. Choose to be amused.

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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    To answer your first question..... The gnats are thick.....
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    10 hits, but absolutely terrible at-bats with RISP. Strikeouts and pop-ups everywhere.

    Trailing by a run and down to our last three outs after coming up empty in back-to-back innings with runners in first and third with one out.

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    Clutch rally plates two in the ninth. Cohen on to try and save it. Two outs away.

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    Played like crap today. Guess I should've seen it coming.
    Don't choose to be annoyed. Choose to be amused.

    If you think TK is the reason we don't have better non-conference football schedules, see this post.

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    Bad loss to one of the worst teams in the league. But hey, 30 wins is still in play. Which is our benchmark for greatness
    Too many Urkels on your team that's why your wins low

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