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Thread: Arkansas State Series

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    Was just looking at RPI and other metrics on Warren Nolan. Our RPI is 67. UGA having a great season and a strong if not spectacular SunBelt i'm sure is helping. This season may go down as what could have been had we not suffered injuries early and the bullpen faltering. Maybe we will catch fire going into the tournament. Probably not likely, but this time of year count out Coach Hennon at your own peril. Here's to hoping the team can catch fire down the stretch!

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    Here's hoping we can get some games in this week. Forecast does not look good.

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    There is a less-than-zero chance for an at-large bid, even if we sweep all the way to the conference championship game before bowing out. That scenario would put us at 34-24 and no amount of increase in SoS is going to get us an at-large with that***

    I agree that we could easily have another 4-5 wins in our pocket right now, but injuries are uncontrollable. Similarly, when you consistently field a team that closes in on 40 wins and makes deep runs in conference tournaments, it stands to reason that there will be more juniors leaving via draft and freshmen transferring because they were buried on a good roster. That makes youth a continual concern. The upside is that when you have a shaky year with a young team like this season, it's easier for solid teams to bounce back. And that appears to be how this is setting up as only one normal position player graduating, the improving bullpen will return almost everyone, and we have a reasonable chance of getting at least two of our three weekend starters back for 2019.

    *** - Exception to the rule... Convince the selection committee that we play in the SEC and we'll get a 2-seed at regionals with that record.
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