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Thread: Stetson Bennett IV

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    Your average third-string UGA QB is better than your average third-string Tulane QB?

    Anyone remember the Marcus Vick hoopla, btw? He wasn't a UGA guy.

    Ditto with Honey Badger
    Who was this Ditto that was rumored to be coming with Honey Badger?
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    Knock Stetson all you want, but I am a big fan, at lease temporarily, and I will certainly be pulling for Stetson to succeed... at 11am in the Super Regionals at UNC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GATAlac El Dorado View Post
    UGA fixation is certainly a real thing on the forum, but this thread is not an example of it.

    This 12-page thread is only nominally about this guy and in this case the fact that he's tied to UGA is purely coincidental. I mean, he could just as readily be identified as "former GS scholly offer" as "UGA transfer". On the other hand, the hyper sensitive backlash is glaring and screams "negative fixation on UGA".
    Well, if you're going to have a uga fixation, that's the one to have! THWUGA

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    Little Stet was recruited by CTS and stayed away, His father and uncles all attended Southern. He stayed away from what was happening during that train wreck, which who could blame him. I wish he would come to the Boro, he would push Wertz and I strongly believe would get playing time year one. My uga friends always talk about how their boards light up about him running practice squad. I know I am late to this thread.

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