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Thread: SMN: Next GSU President Must Embrace Armstrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJersey GATA View Post
    Savannah campus is something that will take time to develop and adapt. The current enrollees could be disappointed but this is the hand they were dealt with. The incoming Frosh class will bring more life to that campus along with GS clothing attire. Each year the vibe on campus will get better.

    Savannah campus has a great future. There was always going to be bumps in the road on this transition.
    +1. Everyone knew the "adjustment period" would take time, in 4-5 years with new students coming on board, this will all settle down. I said this when all this crap started to go down, I feel bad for the kids who went/are there now to Armstrong State University, the BOR kicked them in the groan, hard. The wound hasn't had time to heal. In 4-10 years GS will have campus on the sight of the old Armstrong State and Liberty. The "flagship" campus will be Statesboro. I also feel bad for the employees from both Armstrong and GS that got "wacked/lost their jobs" because of this. I still strongly feel that this should have never happened. But what is done, is done. Time for GS to go on and continue to be a great University, offering students opportunities for a top notch education on our home campus and our adjacent campuses. Like it or not this is the "NEW GS"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    Our official enrollment number for Spring 2018 is 27.4k. I believe it was something like 20.2k before the merger. If that many students left the campus, many of them came to Statesboro.

    But I agree with Pirate and have said all along that this merger isn't going to put any more life into the Savannah campus and will in fact do the opposite. If the Savannah oligarchs are really the ones that pushed for this merger than they might've screwed up. The enrollment numbers for this fall will tell the story.
    Not true. I'd wait till at least Fall 2019 before making that claim. It's almost universal that enrollment drops the year following a consolidation for a lot of reasons I don't have time to name now.
    Sean Payne
    Class of 2008 | Graphic Design
    Statesboro, GA

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueBlueDrew View Post

    Apparently, the Statesboro campus is old news and the only potential left for GS is in the Armstrong campus
    This is garbage after a few years most if not all of the students will have lost all Armstrong pride as all new students will be enrolling to be a Georgia Southern student. In time most will not even realize they are are attending what use to be a different school unless they pass by some statue or monument and actually read it. Faculty move on as well so I never take them to seriously they are rarely long term stakeholders and move on the the BBD as fast as any other profession. Bottom line any new people will have less emotion tied to what was a second tier regional school with DIV II sports. Last whimpers of a dead university, just let them whine for a bit and get to the last stage of grief. It was a move to save money just like all the other mergers, not to shift GS to Sav. I get how this is hard for existing students and some alums that actually stayed involved but you have two choices stay mad or embrace it. Staying mad will only affect you though.
    Dirk E. Sanchez, Overyonder, GA 2001

    Quote Originally Posted by half-n-half View Post
    you missed JDC's point.

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