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Thread: GS Uni-Watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglewraith View Post
    Have you put a spectrometer on our uniforms to know what color they are?

    Or are you just grasping?

    If you'd read the Visual Identity Standards, you'd know our blue is actually #041E42. 000080 is actually closer to Gast's colors.

    In any case, colors can look different based on the rate of light absorption/refraction of the material. Typically fabrics are done by PENTONE equivalents, in this case it would be 282.
    It hasn't always been. They've changed it since I last read the visual guide because we used to use true blue which is 0% R 0% G 100% B or #000080 on the color gradient. They changed the color when they updated the logo in March 2016.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsuwinsudont View Post
    Apparently it is a hard thing..... You might not care about Bama but look around at the rest of the sport. We are not the only ones with the “issue”. Heck I’d prefer the color matched too. My point however was if we are “bush league” then we are member of a very non exclusive club.
    We are just like a particular NFL team, the Vikings, their helmets don't match very well with their jerseys, either

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    You seriously want the helmets and jerseys to match exactly? I'd be absolutely shocked if all our helmets matched exactly. The fact is unless you pull the paint from the exact same batch and spray it on exactly the same, and it has the exact same amount of exactly the same color primer base and it cures in exactly the same amount of heat for the exact same amount of time... well, even then I guarantee you it won't be an exact perfect 100% identical match. 95% close? Perhaps, but there is absolutely no way to get a perfect match when paint is involved. Most people are unable to detect the differences.
    Quote Originally Posted by StanMolsonMan View Post
    Because.... We're idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsuwinsudont View Post
    September 1 needs to hurry up.

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