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Thread: Hurricane coming...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    Down to a tropical storm. Whatever it was that knocked it down from category 4 in the ocean probably saved a lot of lives. Only 4 reported fatalities so far, compared with the hundreds you had in storms like Irma and Matthew.
    A bunch of dry air hit it as it approached the coast and disrupted it a good bit. That's probably what defused the most of it.

    NC is still having issues due to the sheer volume of rain though.

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    Creeping west at 2mph.Rain might not move in until 2nd half at the current pace.Whenever it does it looks to be extra heavy.Good move to move it to 12

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    So after all of the chaos surrounding the game and should we play or not, there was not a drop of rain during it. I am so glad that they did not jump the gun and cancel it.
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