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Thread: Ryan Northrup?

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    Default Ryan Northrup?

    Did he leave the team? It appears that he is no longer on roster.
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    Default Re: Ryan Northrup?

    I thought his dad posted that he was injured.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1peatfor7 View Post
    I thought his dad posted that he was injured.
    That was posted on the nest. He had an injury that required surgery, so his playing career is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmaxwellgsu View Post
    That was posted on the nest. He had an injury that required surgery, so his playing career is over.
    Dang. Hate to hear that. Started a ton of games and is a helluva player.

    Best wishes Ryan. GATA!
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    This is Ryan Northrup's Dad. Here's what I posted on the Eagles Nest right before the Clemson game, with a few changes to reflect that he has now had the knee surgery...

    Ryan had knee surgery three weeks ago, same leg as the hip injury he had surgery on last December 2017 the week after the CCU game. Ryan hates to go out to injury after 11 seasons of football where he was rarely injured. He had been cleared to play again in early August, after the hip rehab all year, and injured his knee towards the end of Fall Camp. It stayed swollen and in pain, and the decision was made to have the surgery. It turns out the injury was worse than they thought and it is a really good thing he got the surgery rather than continue trying to play through the pain. He will graduate in December.

    Thanks to all the GaSo fans I have gotten to know, and for your support of this team through a rough couple of years. Ryan was originally recruited by Brent Davis and Coach Monken to play for the Eagles. He started on two State championship teams at Norcross and blocked for Alvin Kamara and went up against Lorenzo Carter across from him at practice. He graduated HS early in Dec 2013, and was an early enrollee at GaSo in January 2014. Two weeks before he was to report at GaSo, he got a call from Davis and Monken letting him know they were headed to Army, and offered to have him come there and play for them. He declined because he wanted to be a GaSo eagle.

    Ryan's first day in Statesboro we went and watched Willie Fritz get introduced as the new Head Coach. The start of the FBS era at GS... Ryan red-shirted his freshman year (2014), and learned the offensive system under his first college OL coach and OC. His redshirt freshman year (2015), he got playing time in 11 games, and started 4 of the last 5 games including the GoDaddy bowl game. Then Fritz left, and the Summers era started... His sophomore year (2016), with a new head coach, OC, and OL coach (the second one of each) Ryan started every game and gave it his all. We all know how that year went, but Ryan kept his head up and was positive throughout.

    Then his Junior year (2017), yet another OC and a new OL coach (that's the third of each in three seasons playing) and Ryan again gave it his all. This year he started in 11 of the 12 games with the exception of Senior Day last year where he was sat out to allow a senior lineman get the start for his contributions over his four years. This snapped Ryan's consecutive games started at about 20. Ryan came in after that first series and played the remainder of the game. What wasn't known is that Ryan injured his hip badly before the UMass game last year in practice (the 6th game). It was so bad that he called us (we were in Mass at the time ready to go to the game) and told us about the injury and that there was no way he could play and that he was getting an MRI. So we flew home early to Atlanta, and got a call ten minutes before kickoff from Ryan that he felt the team needed him so he was going to try to play. And he did, playing almost every offensive snap of the UMass game. So the last seven games of last year he played with a 70% tear in his hip labrum. He has a high pain threshold.

    A few days after the last game of 2017, Ryan had hip surgery in Savannah to repair the labrum, and started his eight months of recovery. He had to sit out Spring Camp but was able to watch his fourth OC and OL coach install the new offense and terminology but was unable to participate until Fall Camp when he injured his knee. The pain and swelling caused the training staff to limit his plays in practice to try and get it better. It didn't improve and Ryan had been told by the doctor that if the swelling and pain didn't improve then he would require surgery. The week before the Clemson game, Ryan and the team doc decided to proceed with the surgery, and he let the coaching staff and his teammates know.

    Everyone who knows Ryan well knows how important football has been to his life. He has been playing or training 340 days a year for at least the last nine years first in the Norcross system for four years, then five years at GaSo. He hates to have it end, but he left it all on the field last year, and the injuries finally caught up with him. He loves his teammates, and the GaSo football tradition. His family -- me, his Mom, and his twin sisters-- appreciate all the many nice things that fans said to us about Ryan over the years, and we will miss watching him play football.

    After 2 state high school championships (going 28-2), he came to GaSo and played in 37 games including 27 starts, and was in for over 2000 plays at the college level. Until he got hurt. Now his playing career is over. We hope that this GaSo season is a great one, and that the pain of the last two seasons can be replaced with joy.

    This senior class has been through a lot with all the different coaching staffs but in the end things like that happen in life and that which does not kill us makes us stronger. Ryan is ready to move into the next stage of his life and having the knee surgery done now, and the eight weeks that he will be on crutches, will allow him to start his post-college work able to walk without assistance. I know he will do great at the next phase and thanks again Eagle Nation. Put an Eagle 6 on it, and get to another bowl game!
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    Default Re: Ryan Northrup?

    Thank him for sacrificing his body to GS. Best wishes for the future.

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    Default Re: Ryan Northrup?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bleu View Post
    Dang. Hate to hear that. Started a ton of games and is a helluva player.

    Best wishes Ryan. GATA!
    He and his family definitely seem like great people!

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    Default Re: Ryan Northrup?

    Thanks for the update Rob. You raised a DFE. Thank you and thank Ryan.

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