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Thread: our song

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    Sour old Armstrong is already trying to change our traditions and move the university toward Savannah.
    A successful program requires quality coaches. Help us keep ours.

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    ARE THEY #$%^&*()_$%^&*($%^&* STUPID?!?!?!?!?!
    Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive

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    As an outsider looking in I do not see any reason to change the Alma Mater. The reason given in the article to make a change.
    "If you take a look at the alma mater, it is very much centered toward Statesboro," White said. "This institution has grown though, and so this new alma mater isn't necessarily going to be reflecting us, but the people that come after us who are going to be on all three campuses of the new Georgia Southern University."
    How is it centered toward Statesboro, Did this student even look at Alma Mater for Georgia Southern.

    From humble farm beginnings
    Sprung up from the sandy earth
    Among the tow'ring pine trees
    Stands a treasure of great worth.

    Her price cannot be measured
    In silver or in gold
    But in the love and loyalty
    That many hearts enfold.

    Georgia Southern University.
    On Eagles' wings you soar.
    We pledge to you our loyalty
    And love for ever more.

    Through triumphs and through trials
    Our Alma Mater's stood
    As solid as the oak tree
    For justice and for good.

    As through these gates we travel
    And though our ways must part,
    Our Georgia Southern mem'ries
    We'll keep within our hearts.
    As an outsider I see no reason for a change.
    "Once and Eagle Always and Eagle"
    Valley, Alabama
    Fan of Erk since the 70's, Eagle Scout 1978, Georgia Southern Fan since 2009

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    Piss off!!

    Scott Guy
    c/o '93 - BS in Computer Science
    Cumming, Ga
    Tailgating in B31

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    I would like to reach out to this student to inform him that Savannah, does in fact, have sandy earth and pine trees too. This is not a Statesboro specific song.

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    I thought someone had started a thread about Taylor Swift....

    But seriously this is asinine.

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    I have thought for years that the alma mater should be revised. I am in favor of using the text from Coach Russell’s retirement speech as a replacement. Can I get a motion and a second?

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