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Thread: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

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    Default Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    Aaron Stone
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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    For those that would like a bit of background about this event and our teamís history, here you go .....

    The Georgia Southern men's golf team is competing in the NCAA Stanford Regional. Go behind the scenes on and off the course as the Eagles look to continue their recent hot streak.

    The Practice Day Blog - Sunday

    The Eagles have settled in out west and are adjusting their bodies to west coast time.

    This trip was by far the longest for the Eagles this year. In fact, if you add up the one-way mileage of all of Georgia Southern's previous tournaments this year, it's less than 800 miles more than this one trip alone. The team traveled approximately 3,400 miles for their 11 previous events and nearly 2,700 miles for this one. It's not the first time the program has played out west as the guys played in Hawaii in both 2016 and 2017 and in Los Cabos, Mexico in 2015.

    This is, however, only the third time in program history the Eagles have played NCAA postseason in the Golden State. The last time came in 1988 when they played at Southern Cal in the Los Angeles area. The other time came in 1984 when the Eagles played at San Diego State. Both of those events were NCAA Championships, while this will be the first Regional for the Eagles in California.

    After a round at Half Moon Bay and some sightseeing yesterday, it's time to get down to business with the official practice round at the Stanford Golf Course. It was the first time any of the teams - other than host Stanford - have seen the course this season.

    Here's a wrap-up from Coach Carter Collins on the practice round ...
    "The team had a great day at the Stanford Golf Course preparing for the tournament. This is the first time that most of the team has competed in California, so getting used to the new grass was a big goal for today and we thought the guys handled it very well. This golf course will require more brains than strength and the team did a great job of developing game plans that they can execute for the next three days. The Stanford Golf Course is a shorter course that will require accuracy off the tee with shorter clubs to make sure that you're putting the ball in good position on and around the greens. The greens are quick but very smooth and as long as you are keeping the ball in the proper positions there will be some birdies available. The next three days will be a tough challenge but they have worked hard all year for this opportunity and we are looking forward to making the most of it. Each of these guys are very proud to be representing Georgia Southern in NCAA post season and we will do everything we can this week to keep this great year going."

    Each player has their own practices for preparing for a tournament and this day allows them some freedom to work on their games at their pace. Some spend more time on the green, others spend a lot of time chipping, others do a little of everything.

    The Eagles will tee off tomorrow on hole 10 at 9:55 a.m. local time (12:55 p.m. Eastern) with UNC Greensboro and Augusta on the par 70, 6,727-yard Stanford Golf Course. The team will hit the road a little before 7 a.m. local time to try and beat the horrific gridlock around the area and get the course in plenty of time to warm up and get ready for their tee times.

    A few other notes to bide you over til tomorrow:
    ē This is the third appearance in the NCAA Championships under head coach Carter Collins and the eighth in Collins' 12 seasons on the coaching staff.

    ē It's Georgia Southern's eighth NCAA Championship appearance in the last 11 seasons.

    ē Georgia Southern will use the same lineup that the Eagles used in the Sun Belt Championship - Brett Barron, Colin Bowles, Ben Carr, Steven Fisk and Jake Maples. Wilson Andress will serve as the ready 6 sub.

    ē Barron and Fisk are the only players on the Eagle roster who have competed in an NCAA Regional. Barron carded a 229 at the Austin Regional in 2017 and Fisk shot a 212 and tied for 15th. Fisk played in the Kissimmee Regional as an indy last season and carded a 222.

    ē All six Eagles traveling to the regional are from Georgia. Two have won Georgia State Amateur titles - Colin Bowles won in 2016 becoming the youngest since Bobby Jones - and Brett Barron won in 2018.

    Also, one last shout out that we forgot yesterday. A huge congrats to Crawford Simmons who graduated from this fine institution this weekend. As you know, Crawford has a unique story, coming here as a 24-year-old "freshman" after playing minor league baseball out of high school. He has been an absolute joy to have around this program and has done everything the right way, as evidenced by him being named a team captain twice. So Congrats, Crawford, and here's hoping life treats you right as you move on from Statesboro!
    Congratulations to all of the @GeorgiaSouthern graduates, especially our two-time Team Captain @cj_simmons1! Incredible person, leader and a work ethic that's tough to match.
    Thank you, Crawford!! #GRIT 👨🏻*🎓🦅

    - GS Men's Golf (@GaSouthernGolf) May 11, 2019

    See you tomorrow! It's time for some Game of Thrones .... shhhhh, no spoilers.

    Until then, make sure to follow @GaSouthernGolf on Twitter for more insight into the team and the trip. Go Eagles!

    The Opening Blog - Saturday

    It's time for NCAA postseason golf and for the 25th time, the Georgia Southern men's team will be making an appearance. This is the first of several blog entries for the Eagles' appearance in the NCAA Stanford Regional here in Palo Alto. We hope you enjoy this inside look at the program and the trip out west as the Eagles try to qualify for nationals held in a few weeks in Arkansas.

    Friday was a long day for all involved as the team left Statesboro in the morning for the short ride to Savannah to catch the first of two flights to get to California. At 12:55 p.m., the Eagles caught the flight to Atlanta and then connected into San Francisco. It was just a short drive from SFO to the team hotel south near Palo Alto. The rest of the day was spent getting the lag out of the legs and getting used to the new time zone.

    Today, the team made the drive from the hotel to get in a practice session at Half Moon Bay Golf Links to get a feel for west coast golf. It's a little breezier on the left coast and the grass will take some getting used to as well. The greens are the same, poa annua, but everything else is a rye grass which is a little different than the Bermuda grass we're used to playing back home.
    Enjoy our trip from the hotel to our practice session in Half 🌙 Bay. Don't worry, we didn't really drive that fast! ⛳️ 🦅

    - GS Men's Golf (@GaSouthernGolf) May 11, 2019

    The course was located just 30 miles south of San Francisco and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Almost every hole had a view of the ocean and the iconic Ritz-Carlton Hotel served as a great backdrop on a few of the holes. If you are among the dozens of movie buffs who saw American Pie 3: American Wedding, the hotel should look familiar as it's where Jim and Michelle were married. Other movies filmed in the Half Moon Bay area include Harold and Maude, as well as Chasing Mavericks and other surfing movies.
    A few photos from today's round. Check out GSEagles tonight as we begin our NCAA Stanford Regional Blog!

    - GS Men's Golf (@GaSouthernGolf) May 11, 2019
    The real practice will happen on Sunday, as the Eagles and the other competitors will get their first look at the course. NCAA rules prohibit playing the course on Saturday.

    After the practice round, the team headed into San Francisco to do a little sightseeing. After grinding through the long season and then finals last week, it's been nice for the guys to get away and earn a day like this.
    Enjoying the scenery here in the San Francisco area!

    - GS Men's Golf (@GaSouthernGolf) May 12, 2019

    We'll check in tomorrow after the practice round. Remember, we're three hours behind those keeping up with us in the 912, so our morning tee times will actually be early afternoon for you.

    Until then, make sure to follow @GaSouthernGolf on Twitter for more insight into the team and the trip. Go Eagles!
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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    That is a good read. Thanks
    Poster formerly known as gudp1

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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    "Once and Eagle Always and Eagle"
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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    Itís early but sitting in 2nd place with our best player at +1

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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    How many teams from each regional get to go to the nationals?
    "Follow the trendlines, not the headlines." -Steven Pinker (?)

    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    How many teams from each regional get to go to the nationals?
    . The low five teams and the low individual not on those teams from each regional will advance to the finals, which will be played May 24-29 at Blessings Golf Club in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

  8. Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    So far a very good Round 1

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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    how many rounds is this regional?

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    Default Re: Menís Golf - NCAA Stanford Regional

    It's getting tight early on.... top 3 teams are separating. Only 4 strokes separating us (in 4th) through 6th. We're gonna have to shoot better than the 278 we've posted in the first two rounds in order to make it out, I'm afraid.

    Scott Guy
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