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Thread: Season Ticket Sales

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    Will in and out privileges for parking still be an option if we are going to scan parking? As you know the RV spots people often come/go during game days.
    No longer eating crow for saying "The TO is gone get over it!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Georgia Southern Athletics View Post
    So on the payment plans on the donations. You are correct on that and to be honest, as good as the ticket side of Paciolan is, the donor side is still a little behind. With that said, they have a new platform they are releasing that we are hoping to upgrade to within the next year or so. I have seen the demos on what it is going to look like and that new platform is really going to improve the online aspect of the donor side. For example, on the current donor side, customized payment plans can not be set up online. Meaning that you can do a 12 month payment plan, but that is it, you can't do 11, 10, 9 and so forth as each month passes until the deadline of when it is due by. So if you wanted to set up a monthly payment plan on your donation at the moment after July, you would need to contact the office for us to set that up for you manually. The new platform fixes all of that, so hopefully over the next year or so, we will see some big upgrades on the donor side.

    On the 12 month payment plans for tickets/parking. So that was something that I wanted to try a couple of years ago when I first started to try and spread things out even more for people. Well we made it through that year, but I quickly discovered why no one else in the country does that. It was an absolute nightmare to manage accounting wise as well as trying to keep up and trying to sell for two football seasons at the same time as well as Volleyball, Men's and Women's Soccer and Men's and Women's Basketball all going on at the same time. People were getting confused as well as once you build something ticket wise, you can't easily make changes if anything changes which always happens before a season starts. There were just a lot of things that made that a big mess, which is why no one else really offers anything like that. Our ticket office is also a staff of 2 full time employees, so we also have to make sure we can get everything else running smoothly first. That is why we have the 6 month payment plan option which if you take a look around the country, usually a 3 month payment plan is the max you will typically find. With that said, you can always set up your Eagle Fund donation on up to a 12 month payment plan, it just has to be paid in full by June 30th. So this July, you could start your 2020-21 Eagle Fund donation on a 12 month payment plan and then when 2020 football season ticket renewals start in January or February, you can put the tickets and parking on a 6 month payment plan. So that 12 month plan on tickets and parking was something we only did for one year and realized that we could not continue to do that.

    You will see some big changes to game day parking this season. We will be scanning parking passes this year and we will be doing print at home parking passes. For the single game parking lots, parking will be sold in advance for $10 and will be print at home passes or $20 on game day at the lot. I am going to try and see if we can get mobile ready for this season, but might start with print at home at first. We are also going to be scanning parking passes in the donor lots this year which will also allow us to give donors the ability to reprint or transfer their parking pass to someone like they can with their season tickets. Or if someone loses or forgets their parking pass, they will be able to go online to their account and reissue their parking pass to their email.

    Again, we are still working out a bunch of the details and all of that and will hopefully have a bunch of information finalized and ready to send out here in the next month or so.

    Looking forward to an exciting season. GATA!

    -David Cutler
    Awesome. Great to hear.

    And your explanation about the 12 months for tickets makes sense, but you don't know until you ask. I appreciate the info.

    I'm glad to see that we're going to a scan system for parking passes, but I hope there is simple/easy options for in/out especially for those of us in LTR.

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    Still working out all of the final details, but the plan is to allow just the donor lots at Paulson to have the ability to the leave the parking lots and re-enter. Most likely will continue to have just the one exit point at Malecki Dr. and Chandler Road and you will have your pass scanned out at that exit and then it will be scanned back in when you re-enter the parking lot at the main entrances. The single game parking lots would not be re-entry though. Once you are in the lot, you can't leave and re-enter without purchasing a new pass.

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    I recruited two new folks to buy season tickets who had never purchased them before (GS Alums, too). They said they want to bring a bunch of friends this year who have never been to a game (they all live in Savannah and are transplants). Great way to snag a few new fans.

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    I didn't use the ticket site this year.

    I called the office. In the past, I had so many problems with the site that I just started calling. Perhaps the site is straightened out now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSUEagle08 View Post
    I recruited two new folks to buy season tickets who had never purchased them before (GS Alums, too). They said they want to bring a bunch of friends this year who have never been to a game (they all live in Savannah and are transplants). Great way to snag a few new fans.
    Excellent work!

    See if you can fix them up with some programs prior to the game. They are well done.

    And explain traditions like “one more time.” Paulson is a very special place. Be sure and educate them on its win history.

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