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Thread: New CB Coach

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    Default New CB Coach

    Just saw on FB we have named Kevin Whitley the new CB coach. Is this old news or have I missed anything?
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    Because.... We're idiots.

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    Released less than an hour ago. Said Cory Peoples resigned last week. Must've gotten a new job, he was listed as one Lunsford's top priorities to keep back in that 2019 salary article. Not a bad replacement AT ALL.

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    "Follow the trendlines, not the headlines." -Steven Pinker (?)

    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    New coach resume is legit and he played for us..awesome hire

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    nice find

    did you remember?
    Once poked Chad Lunsford in the eye.

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    Any news on why Peoples left?
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    I ended up watching a lot of the 1989 NC Game. I was there, got to see myself holding the 15 - 0 PERFECT sign. That was an awesome game, man was that place packed.

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